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Hi Everyone
Has anyone had infusions for the treatment of fibromyalgia? If possible I’d be interested to hear how your treatment went and if it helped at all ? Any info would be much appreciated. I’m getting nowhere with any Drs I see, and trying to see a Dr is becoming a nightmare.
Thank you in advance xx


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All over

Have you ever felt like your all over the place yet still so lost and confused alone… you want help all but screaming for it yet you fail to even part your lips for total fear of rejection or completely embarrassing yourself?! #MentalHealth #mentalhealthmatters #Anxietyanddepression #confusedstate

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Healing from adversity and mental illness

Chasity Snowden has struggled with Bulimia, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks for 40 years. She was emotionally and physically abused by her father growing up and the past 4 years she has struggled with chronic migraines. Chasity shares what tools and strategies has helped her to heal to the point where she is now thriving. She is passionate about spreading awareness and helping others with their mental health and eating habits. Listen to today's podcast episode to learn about what has helped Chasity because maybe it will help you too!

#ChronicIllness #ChronicMigraines #MentalHealth #mentalhealthpodcast #MentalHealthAwareness #EatingDisorderRecovery #eatingdisorderawareness #Anxietyanddepression #Anxiety #Depression

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Tips for chest pain caused by #Anxiety

Hi everyone. Any tips for managing chest pain caused by anxiety? Mine often lingers after panic attacks but sometimes randomly comes at other times. Doctor said it's most likely anxiety.

#Anxiety #ChestPain #anxietychestpain #anxious #Anxietyanddepression #Stress #PanicAttacks #afterpanicattacks


Finding the right meds

Going to see my psychiatrist this week to reevaluate my medication. So far on 3rd attempt at medication for anxiety which hasn’t helped yet, but I’m hoping that something will! Anyone found that it took a while for them to find the right medication?

I also do therapy, exercise and spend time with friends and family. I’m on lamotrogine which helps with my depression, as other antidepressants hadn’t helped.

#Anxiety #antianxietymeds #Anxietymeds #AnxietyMedication #Depression #Anxietyanddepression #Psychiatry


Alternative Healing or Therapy

Hi! I suffer from severe anxiety, dissociation, depression and complex trauma. My friend and I were just talking the other day about alternative healing. We discussed crystal healing, and I do practice meditation and aromatherapy (I have two travel size aromatherapy oil that I carry around with me everywhere). It was a good chat but it got me started on thinking about what other forms of healing there are. Do any of you have any experience of trying something else that helped improve your ability to cope with anxiety? Of course, I think therapy and medication are important and will continue to stick to my regime, but I’d like to have a “booster” to help me cope better.

Thanks in advance!

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More than just sensory overloaded and totally exhausted.

Today is a crappy day. It started when I woke up and read the news. There, I read about the next Corona actions. Now, they are about to reduce our range of motion to 9 miles. Although I know that I'm not a big fan of traveling long distances because of my travel sickness, I got furious because of this negative news. I'm also afraid of more ordinances and more severe ordinances by the politicians, like curfews for example.
Just because of this negative news, I got sensory overloaded and I had a slight meltdown and a panic attack. Later, we cleaned the kitchen, and the strong smell of the cleanser caused a headache and a shutdown. My neighbors in the apartments next to mine and in the apartment above mine are always arguing loudly with their wives. Now, I am extremely drained and exhausted, and besides this, I have a headache, an upset stomach, I feel sorry for having a meltdown, a panic attack, and a shutdown in that same afternoon. I also feel sorry for getting rude and aggressive because of my anxiety attack and my meltdown. The only thing I want for now is just skipping the rest of this crappy day as it is sensory hell and unsurvivable for me. I even don't want to watch wrestling tonight, although I'm always looking forward to watch it. I don't know to cope with this crappy day. #Anxiety #AutismMeltdown #Autism #autismspectrumcondition #AutismShutdown #Drained #ExhaustedAlways #exhaustion #chronic Gastritis #Chronicexhaustion #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #SensoryOverloads #SensoryDisorder #SensoryIssues #Depression #PTSD #AutisticAdults #AutisticExhaustion #deadinisde #aggressive #depressed #aggression #Anxietyanddepression #AnxietyAttack #AngerManagement #Feelingsorryformyself #feelingunabletofunction #feelingdeainside #EmotionalBlackouts #mentalblackouts



I make fun of my own short coming and my own issues to lighten my own mood. Others take it as if I’m not taking it seriously. Or like it’s an act. I cant control my emotions 100% of the time but I refuse to feel sorry for myself. I don’t want pity from people I want understanding and unconditional love and support. A shoulder to cry on when it gets hard and not being looked as weak or crazy. #Anxietyanddepression