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What's your experience stopping antidepressants? #prozac #Depression #Fluoxetine

Hey, I've been in a good place lately and I've been thinking about quitting my #Antidepressants
I'm pretty sure I'm having some side effects to the medication and I've been thinking about quitting for 4 years. I'm just scared to try. The what ifs and all.
If you have any experience in quitting to take antidepressants, please share! Or any info at all about it

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Wondering if I need to dose up again

Almost 6 months ago, I got off Lamotrigine and now my only remaining regular dose med is Lexapro (escitalpropram) I am on 20mg. My depression has been pretty bad, although I can do things like make dinner, grocery shop and do laundry. I am sleeping about 13 hours a day. I am out of the us and will be for a couple more months. I am wondering if a boost in my Lexapro will help me. I don’t want to add back latuda or Lamotrigine cause of the side effects. I am a 58yo woman, 5’10 175lbs, I am bi-polar 2 with severe anxiety disorder. What are other peoples doses of Lexapro? #Antidepressants

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REM Rebound: When Antidepressant Withdrawal Causes Vivid Dreams

My dreamscape is vivid, almost lucid — a tapestry of places I’ve been and seen and only imagined, but somehow recognizable even in the depths of my dream. I’m in a strange house, but I know it belongs to a close friend. I shouldn’t be there, I think. I try to leave when I see the window open; was it me? Had I come in this way? But I know it isn’t, because I look through the house only to find her, lifeless. She’s been murdered. The killer is out there. I jump through the window and run over the hills and fields that overlook my town, broken over the death of my friend. That’s when I hear the police sirens behind me; they think I did it. They’re coming for me. This is only a snippet of a recent nightmare that continued for what felt like hours. I don’t often dream these days, a common side effect of antidepressants; most antidepressants suppress REM sleep — REM meaning rapid eye movement, the stage of sleep in which we dream — by increasing the latency between the beginning of sleep and the first REM cycle, shortening the REM cycle, and decreasing REM density. In other words, it takes longer for us to dream, we have shorter dreams, and they’re less vivid. It stands to reason, then, that when our brains are lacking in our antidepressants, the opposite might happen. I’m currently reducing my SNRI (serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor) medication with the help of a psychiatrist, so I’ve been experiencing a few horrible side effects related to withdrawal. Firstly, while my body adjusts, I’m experiencing a depression rebound that feels a little like a shadow has been cast over everything. I have no real reason to be feeling so depressed; I’m just feeling so low. Secondly, I’m experiencing “REM rebound.” According to dream scientist Deirdre Barret, Ph.D., REM rebound can be caused by deprivation of REM sleep in a lab-based setting by interrupting sleepers once they begin to exhibit the signs of REM sleep, then allowing them to return to sleep. During REM rebound, REM latency is shortened, and both REM time and density are increased. In other words, we begin to dream quicker, we dream for longer, and our dreams become more vivid. This REM rebound is also caused by — you guessed it — antidepressant withdrawal. This is why, for the past two weekends as I taper down doses of my medication, I’ve been experiencing intense and vivid dreams that feel like they last all night; the texture of these dreams exceeds anything I experience while taking my regular dose of antidepressants, even when I’ve experienced trauma nightmares and I have acted out in my sleep. These dreams feel real, and that’s what has made my nightmares — like the one described above — feel all the more terrifying. I’ve experienced this before, too, when I’ve accidentally missed a dose of my antidepressant. In fact, it’s sometimes been the first sign that I missed the dose — my dreams are intense, and then my depression returns like a punch, unbidden and unexplained aside from the rebound effect. It doesn’t take much to cause this side effect. In fact, in tapering from 300mg to 225 mg, I’ve been reducing my dosage by 37.5mg with each step taking a week to acclimatize. But even this little step was enough to cause everything I described above. The night where I lost my friend left me shaken, and while it’s the worst I’ve had due to this medication reduction, it’s not the only intense dream I’ve had over the past few weeks. Each has been vivid, somewhat lucid tapestries, richly varied. Part of me misses the vivid dreams once my antidepressant’s REM suppressant qualities kick in again — how could I not when I’m a writer and they have a chance at offering such fresh inspiration? But they suppress all but the worst of my nightmares, and that’s a gift I’ll take right now. So, if you’re tapering off your antidepressants (or if you forget to take them) and you find your dreams take on an intense, cinema-like quality, know that it’s your brain’s way of trying to adjust to your new dosage. If you’re concerned, be sure to speak to a medical professional familiar with your medication. It always passes, though. It’ll be OK. Wishing you a restful, restorative sleep and the sweetest of dreams.

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Day 1 of Increased Dosage

The doc increased my dosage again. I don't like it. Because it means I have to go through the side effects again before my body adjusts. Nightmares, dizziness and suicidal thoughts.

Maybe one will think I will be fine because the body does eventually adjust again. But this does not negate the difficulties during the adjustment period. I typically take about 3 weeks or so to adjust.

I know it is tiring for those around me. So I try to keep the struggles to myself. #Depression #Antidepressants #increaseddosage

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What does it mean when you feel a fairly marked effect from missing your head meds for one day? It wasn’t even a whole day really, but I didn’t take them in the morning, as I usually do, and I felt really disconnected, even dizzy at one point. #Antidepressants

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Last week I saw my psychiatrist and it was decided that I would try tapering off Abilify. I'm on a fairly low dose so I wasn't expecting to have many issues. Fast forward three days into tapering and I have had headaches w/light and sound sensitivity for three days and pain relievers are barely helping. I also feel incredibly flat emotionally. Last night I couldn't sleep even though I take trazadone every night to help with that.

I'm not quite sure what to do at this point. While I wouldn't mind having one less medication to take is it really worth feeling this cruddy to get to that point? Anyone have any insight or advice?

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🙄 Do I have the right to be annoyed, I kind of am 😬

[potential] content warning: disordered eating x body dysmorphia - though this is tangential for context, & not my main point 🙃

My friend and I were listening to a Zoom webinar (omg it started kinda tangentially, I'm telling you) about mental health & part of the discussion was the facilitator talking about body image & body dysmorphic disorder. & she made this offhand comment abt how most people probably had an eating disorder in high school (wow I'm don't even know what to think) - and she mentioned a few things she remembered doing.

So then I'm like, I don't think I ever did although in my early 20s I definitely had some issues with disordered eating (😳😳😳 I'd like to think I'm at least better now in comparison to then, but uh hey)

Then she asks me if it was with the intention to lose weight (obviously not??? It's never about the food .. I swear ...) or for other reasons. & I'm like, no the only time I was legit body-image-concerned was when I was having to take Mirtazapine (IT WAS LEGIT DISTRESSING OK no clothes could fit. It was probably minor compared to the full extent I've heard of but try realising your entire closet doesn't fit!!!!)

I explained that Mirtazapine was the reason I switched to my current meds (Sertraline btw), and she says "I heard most anti depressants will make you gain weight" & I'm like, it depends. Then she talks about how she got Sertraline off the shelf (I'm not explaining this, but it's possible - just not where I am) & how she takes it, but occasionally, cos "hmm will gain weight"

HELLO I KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE I'VE BEEN THERE & no it really doesn't, not for me at least. Then she shoves me some link to some research paper like, poof, here's the proof.

I'm so pissed cos it's like, so research paper is more valid than a lived experience? & it's like Sertraline isn't even the kind of meds you take on and off (lol it's not a benzo c'monnnn 🙄) - I'd know, cos altho I've been on Sertraline for everrrr, I tried a few things before this.

It makes me so upset to think that people can just get these things off the shelf and use them however they wish, & discredit the views of someone with lived experience to actually do this properly.

& suffice to say, the max dose I've been on Sertraline is 100mg. All that has given me is dry mouth x plenty (ugh, if anything I guess it forces me to keep hydrated? 😂), feeling horribly sick as a combination of dry mouth x reflex (I call it the "morning sickness but I'm not preggers ..." 😬🙃😑), - & yes, in the adjustment phase it made me lose a certain amount of weight, yes. 🙃

I understand that experiences vary, but my gripe is having my lived experience (vs her hypothetical experience) treated like that!! 😠😡😠😡😠😡


#CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #Sertraline #Zoloft #SideEffects #Antidepressants #DisorderedEating

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An update?

<p>An update?</p>
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I have posted a few times recently how I’ve been struggling and not having my meds. Saturday the withdrawal effects from the Effexor sent me into a downward spiral and I had a breakdown at work. With the help of my therapist as well as the crisis text line I managed to make it through my shift. However on the drive home I got both physically ill and mentally distraught. I had to pull off at a rest stop and after attempting to get help from my husband and failing, I drove myself back to the ER of the hospital I had been to for my depression before. Upon evaluation I was admitted to the behavioral health unit and my meds were changed and I am feeling SO much better, mentally anyway. I was released yesterday afternoon (Monday) and I am back at work tonight. I’m still feeling a bit yucky physically due to lingering withdrawal effects that I was told to expect for a bit longer, side effects of the new medication as well as just the stress on my body from the whole incident Saturday. I must say I’m glad to be done with Effexor, that’s a nasty drug to come off of! Hoping to continue to stay stable. I’m extremely proud of myself though for going to the hospital alone and asking for the help I needed. Just eight months ago I didn’t know how to ask for that help and made a suicide attempt and was hospitalized for ten days. Now I can recognize when I need help before I get that far. I so appreciate each of you that have given me support. I feel safest sharing my journey here. If you’re struggling right now, reach out there’s no shame in needing extra support.

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