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#beach escape!

#Inside during the pandemic hasn't been bad. #Taking on line courses for fun, #establishing rituals, #embracing zen, all have helped in gaining #good medicine". But after a day of politely listening as others talk at me about fluff, feigning interest for hours, restraining to gasp at what i'm hearing---#Evening beach escape is heaven. Medically safe, no one nearby, peace, sound of the ocean, the day drifting away, the sunset. So worth a 30 minute drive!

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Evening thoughts #Night #Evening #Thoughts #depressionhurts

I’ve recently moved to my uncles house an hour and a half away from everyone and everything I knew. My family here isn’t as supportive as I thought they would be. I found out I’m an emotional/stress eater. That’s a big problem since I had gastric surgery last year. I noticed that I’m starting to gain weight back and my depression is getting worse. I’m noticing that anxiety is getting bad too. I’m supposed to see my doctor next week about medication. Other than distancing myself from everyone what can I do?