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Domino effect

Does anyone else ever have the domino effect when something bad happens? Like when something bad happens it triggers other things from the past but it’s completely unrelated?... idk if that make sense. But this happens to me a lot and then both things run through my head non stop and it just dominos. Also does anyone else with BPD feel like they always have to please people or are always worried about making people mad? And always over thinking to void doing so? Just curious if that’s a common BPD thing or if it’s just me. #justwhenithinkimdoingbetter #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder
#feelingworthless #selfloathing #alwaysthinking #Everydaystruggle #wantingtobeenough #fightingoffthedownwardspiral #alwayslosing #sad


Difficult Weekend

I’ve been having a rough weekend. Have suicidal thoughts and just wanting to be around people or wanting to reach out. I’m still here but struggling still. I have therapy tomorrow. I’ll be ok until then. 💜💜 #Everydaystruggle #onedaystatime



I’ve always had a problem with my #meds I know I need to take them everyday, and sometimes I forget, assume I already took them, have double taken them, or #self-sabotage myself altogether because it’s the only thing left that would and can cause me to spiral back down a hole. It’s like starting all over again with #Medication working properly when it happens and 2020 had me doing it more often than I’d like to admit. I also would take them all at once, when some are AM pills and others are evening. It can be a lot when you take around ten to be a the best version of yourself with mental and physical issues. I haven’t missed a day, with correct time slots, in a little over a month and proud of that. I know some people might be like just take your fucking #pills I say it to myself as well, set alarms, etc. but the meds to help me also give me #BrainFog and forgetful. I want to thank my boyfriend as well for double checking before he leaves for work in the morning. He always has my back and has seen both sides of my good and bad days. It’s things like this that are hard to admit but maybe it helps someone out there who might be doing the same thing. #Youvegothis #Everydaystruggle #MentalHealth #ChronicIlless #Depression

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i feel no matter how much I genuinely try to make my self realize and tell my how strong of a woman I am it will never ever ... be good ...

Or maybe I’m not #Depression #everydaymisery #Everydaystruggle



Every morning u wake up , feeling nothing , feeling empty.
You keep on with ur day like its a normal one !
You feel alone , you feel distant, disturbed , you dont know if this is true or its just u!
U dont know whats right whats wrong !
You just wanna be left alone !
Youre broken , youre ..... sad ?
You feel everyones pain yet no one feels yours !
You think about death daily !
Yet there is one thing thats stopping u ! Is it fear ? Or trying to stay in strength?
Lets hope one day you can say I made it 💔