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    Any tips for when adjusting to a new dose increase?

    I’m on a pretty low dose of 20mg cipralex but going up to 40mg I think it’s making me extra anxious. Hope it’s okay to talk about meds here.

    Just wanted tips for when it first makes you extra anxious. Or your experience with meds.

    If you feel comfortable sharing if you do take meds what dose you are on or what you find helps you even if you don’t take meds, but you don’t want to share that’s perfectly okay
    Thanks Everyone #meds #Medication #Dose #dosage #heal #Pain #Hope #Advice #yourexperience #coping #Tips #tryingtobehopeful #adjustjng #change


    Generic Medications- Dear Pharmacist, it’s NOT your choice

    I super frustrated today. The past 6 weeks I have been feeling off. I live with bipolar disorder and severe anxiety, panic disorder and OCD tendencies. I noticed I was having more severe symptoms and could not figure out why. Over Christmas I was sleeping more than usual (I’ve been on my stable recovery journey for an extended period of time) and was having recurring panic attacks which I am not used to anymore. When I came back to work after the holidays, a coworker pointed out I was not “acting myself” and was doing a check in with me. My mood has been all over the place with little motivation and panic attacks have been coming on fast and strong.
    This morning, I noticed in my blister packs that my Prozac looked a little different. The writing wasn’t what I was used to. I was on one generic brand, and now (after telling them not to do this) they switched it going back 6 ish weeks ago. They did not consult me. The pharmacist or whoever made that decision just made it. Some people are very sensitive to brand changes and I happen to be one of those people. The suicidal thoughts that were once an old friend were back and I had been blaming myself for all this! And contributing it to stress etc. I’ve been so hard on myself when really- it was just a pharmacist not informing me of my care plan.
    I can only control what I can. I control my self care routine and going to therapy and doing all the things I know keep me well. I cannot dispense my own medication. I put my trust into my pharmacist for this. Last time this happened, unfortunately I almost passed away from complications.
    Moral of the story- it’s NOONEs choice except mine to approve/deny a medication brand change because I know my body and what’s best for me. I can do hard things and I will get through this, but not without being a little sour about the lack of patients voices being heard.

    Thank you for coming to my Ted talk lol!
    Stay safe my friends. And always advocate for yourselves! #meds #Depression #Anxiety #PanicDisorder

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    Changing depression meds #Depression #meds #MajorDepressiveDisorder

    I am interested in people's experiences changing antidepressants. I've been taking Lexapro since I don't know how long, but I don't feel like it's working anymore. I do take 4 other meds (adhd, anxiety, antidepressant booster, etc.) I am concerned about tapering down and ramping back up on a new med that may or may not work. While I don't feel like the Lexapro is working, I don't know how it'd feel to be completely off it. #Lexapro #meds

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    Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

    What is wrong with me? I can think of so many things possibly causing these symptoms, but which one is it? My lymph nodes are swollen (face and neck), I have a phlegm cough, sometimes my throat is a little sore but less so than when I had the full cold or whatever it was (not Covid... I was tested), and I just feel weak.

    I'm not getting enough nutrition, I have an unpleasant taste in my mouth (kind of metallic) and it seems to be coming from a tooth (maybe more than one) which I'm sure is abscessed, my dental health is terrible, this room is horribly dusty, and there could be other reasons. I sit in little light, and don't even look up at the TV much, because I'm sensitive to the light. I keep my phone pretty dim. I'm disabled, and since I've felt so crappy, I've relied on my boyfriend for everything I need, but he gets mad, and I understand money is tight, but I need things. I have to give him a reason for every little thing he doesn't already know, and I get so tired of explaining everything.

    I saw a nurse practitioner two Mondays ago. I mentioned the swollen lymph nodes (but I said, "glands," by mistake), but she didn't feel them.

    I know the brain fog, sweating, anxiety, and other symptoms are withdrawals from Xanax (explained in my previous post).

    I just want to feel good again.



    Let’s Talk About It: When You Have to Restart Your Meds

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry it’s been a while. Class and work have been kicking my butt here lately. But now I’m sort of in a dilemma. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve taken my meds (due to a few factors out of my control) so now I have to restart from the lowest dose. Super frustrating! Trying to keep my emotions and mental health in check without meds is challenging for me, as I’m sure it is with everyone else. But I’ve got them now and we’re back in business!

    How do you handle being without your meds? Do you see any changes in yourself? #meds #startingover


    Just Want To Vent

    Just need to vent because every thing makes me so freaking angry!! Even the littlest things! I know it's my anxiety, but I literally can not take it!! It makes me furious and I want to break things and scream!!!

    Example: I called my phsychiatrist this morning to reschedule an appt because it's a video visit and I don't like video visits. I like to go in person. They were rude as hell and are charging me $55 for rescheduling. Now I can't get in until October 31st! Hope I have enough meds until then!
    I mean, really???!!!!! $55 f'ing dollars?!!!

    I swear I'm so close to just saying F it and stop taking all these damn pills and be done with it all!!!

    Just pisses me off to no end!! I can't take it!

    Ok I'm done.....I guess. 🤬🤬🤬
    #Anxiety #Depression #Rage #meds #PTSD #Doctors #anger #SuicideSurvivor #Overit


    Antidepressant #Medication causing water retention?

    A month ago, I started taking a new antidepressant at a low dose in combination with another one I've had for a while. Since then, I have noticed significant issues with water retention. My legs, knees, ankles, and feet get swollen, sometimes to the extent that they actually hurt. I have had some issues with swelling before when taking a long distance flight or bus journey (i.e. 10+ hours), so this isn't completely unusual. Also, it has been quite hot here this summer which could be contributing. Still, I've never had a problem like this before. "Dr. Internet" tells me water retention can be a side effect of this medication, but I would trust Mighty members more to know if this is all in my head or if this really is an issue that needs attention.

    #Medication #meds #SideEffects #Antidepressant #Swelling #Depression #Anxiety #CPTSD

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    Mighty Newbie here…hey, I’m Tash…Triathlete struggling with a broken brain 🧠

    Wish I had found this place sooner…Diagnosed Bipolar 2 fourteen years ago and currently having a really rough time with having my meds changed. Terrible withdrawals from weaning off certain ones and frustrating side effects from starting others. I can’t drive, I can’t stand up without feeling incredibly dizzy, nauseous and disoriented. I’m running fevers and have terrible headaches. But I’m alive and trying my best to not lose the hope of coming out of this just that little bit stronger. For now, it’s rest and the therapeutic sound of kitty purring 🤍 #Bipolar2Disorder #withdrawals #meds #BipolarDepression #supportanimal #bipolarathlete

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    ADHD Newbie

    Hello! I'm a newly diagnosed ADHDer, and just been having some more anxiety on my new meds than I anticipated. I like the focus I get from adderall and used to lexapro from previous experiences, but I am noticing that I am having A LOT more imposter syndrome than usual. Anyone else have this experience or something similar??? #ADHD #meds