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Exhaustion and work

#MajorDepression #ChronicDepression #CPTSD #Anxiety #CharcotMarieToothDisease #exhaustion #Fatigue #extremefatigue #SleepDeprivation

I have only begun working again almost four months ago. My job is full time weekends at an emergency shelter for women coming from human trafficking and sexual assault situations. I got a second, part time job two days a week that’s third shift working in a men’s transitional program for recovering addicts. I hadn’t worked in 13 years and part of why I didn’t was my fear of not being able to function at full capacity. As you all know mental illness and physical illness causes fatigue and sleeping problems often don’t help. Having both a mental and physical illness can be a double whammy. I am currently at my weekend job, with ten hours to go. I had an intense anxiety attack earlier and it wiped me out. Now I’m struggling to keep my eyes open! I am SO exhausted! How do those of you who work keep pushing through without pushing too far? It’s so frustrating because often when I say how tired I get people say maybe I shouldn’t be working. Instead of finding the support to keep going and being seen for at least I’m trying, I get told to just give up! How do you all deal with fatigue?

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