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    Daydreams to save the day

    So, there are days when only this thing called "maladaptive daydreaming" can make me to not give up.
    I created this fantasy world when I was 12 and I live in the same theme since. Not even my psychologist knew about this, I hide it from everyone.
    How does this thing stimulate the brain?
    In my fantasies I get hurt too, my life is far from perfect and I'm as broken as in real life (maybe more). Still, I feel control, I feel safe, I feel loved. And I don't feel bored.

    I'm curious how many of us live a "hidden" life in their heads? Why do we function like this? Do you have a favorite character, favorite music, favorite place in your daydreams?

    #daydereams #MaladaptiveDaydreaming #Fantasy #innerworld



    Does anyone know if Frontal Lobe Brain Damage at birth can be a cause of Fantasies and other Mental Health Issues?


    Intelligence, Beauty & Sweetness!

    Dating Apps- Ugh!
    Are u one of the Gadzillion hopeful Users?

    Ima gonna vent- so get yrself set & Buckle Up if yr gonna do a read thru!- Lol

    The above- Every Mans check list along with 'Loves Sex & to please her man'.

    Snap out of it Dude! (fingers snapping)

    The part I find the most offensive? SWEET! If anybody calls me sweet Im gonna slug em...
    Cmon- Im 55 yrs old- been thru HellnBack- quite Often becuz of the Harrier Sex- & if u think Im gonna B yr Cook/Maid/Noncomplaing & ultra Compliant Sex Kitten- u need to get yr head outta the porn, nonsense & fantasy channels & wake up!

    Are you Sweet? What does that mean?- as it comes up on almost every dudes wish list?

    Non complaining, Compliant, Doting, Beautiful & Sexy, no doubt generous & independently wealthy, perfectly fine if you have liasons on the side, give her STD'S, 'Forget her Bday, Xmas or Valentines, Rudely interrupt her without complaint, "talk" while watching TV & mumbling er ya mmm, Scratching yr Balls in Public while expecting her to show up perfectly manicured, full on make-upped, ( but appearing as if no make up & taking 10 seconds to get ready), in perfect shape while eating Jumbo Jacks & Beer with the guys- noncomplaining picking up later, after taking care of you & yr in bed snoring somewhere......

    Im a Little Fed Up! Time travel back to 1950 or to the Stepford Wives & leave us normal Women alone.
    Relationships dont work well with Dictators & Self Involved Ego Maniacs! # #OnlineDating , #Dating , go #Ego Maniacs, #narcissistic , #1950 's, #Men , #Sweetness , #Fed Up #Fantasy

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    Rollin' mists #ADHD

    Woke up to a dream world. When I finally had my camera in my hand, the mists had rolled back to reveal the promenade.

    With enoug fantasy I can see a shore with mountains on the other side of the lake.
    (Need to take my meds, before I dream off. Enough work to do.)

    #ADHD #Fantasy


    Do a lot of people live fantasy lives to cope with the reality? What kind??


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