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¿ " I'm Just So Over It!!! " ? #Dating #Realationship 's

¿ " Well These Experience's Were A Bummer Of Disspointment's... But Also Lesson's For Me.. These Two Experience's Definitely Tell Me That Everyone's Not Ready For XYZ... I Just Wished People Would Just Say From The Beginning What They Are Exactly Looking For.. Instead Of Playing Game's And Faking With People's Emotion's And Mental Well Being... " ? #Lessons Sincerely, ~ SKAOI KVITRAVN ~

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Dating & Depression

I'm newly dating (5 months) someone who's been clinically diagnosed with depression and is currently suffering an episode triggered by a very recent death. As a result, communication is minimal. I'm curious to know if my sending daily encouraging text are too much? Do they make a difference? What advice would you give someone in my position? Don't want to push him away. He thanks me for my support and says he misses me; yet, I haven't seen him in over a month.

I've been doing research to better understand and just want to know the best way to help him through this, until he comes out and then, we can communicate more about how to best support him.

Background- We live about an hour apart w/ children in our respective homes, and had not yet introduced our kids to one another, so sharing of addresses and stopping by is not an option at this time. Invited him out, but no response. Was receptive to meeting up for a hug, but then, no follow up.
#Depression #Dating

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Who needs a Heart?

I don’t think I have the strength to continue dating. I was talking to another guy that ghosted me after talking for months. I’m always feeling like I’m a second or third option to everyone. Rejection after rejection makes me feel like, Am I even worthy to go out with anymore? I’m scared and tired of baring myself emotionally to get kicked and stomped on. Now I feel, in my early 30s, that I will die alone with my cat. I hate this feeling. Every bad date or experience feeds the depression. I am barely functioning. Barely leaving the house. I don’t know what to do. #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Dating #heartbreak #MentalHealth

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It feels never ending

I keep having nightmares about my abusive ex. It’s been night three of these little movie flicks of him having sex or kissing with other women in front of me and looking pleased about it meanwhile seeing that I’m alone. I don’t know how to interpret these dreams into reality and it’s hurting me so bad right now. I’m trying to take time to process my grief and also taking time to ensure I don’t do or say anything anymore that will get me self conscious in front of another man. I’m trying to meet new people now since I’m trying to gain new friendships since old ones were tethered; I met a guy through a penpal app called “bottled”; he’s from Nigeria, who has been through abuse himself as such but not as intense he says. He praises me on my beauty and my personality and he makes me feel good, but it’s only been a week and I’m afraid of letting someone in so soon. I don’t want to lose him since we connect on a lot of levels. I don’t know if I would even meet him some day anyways either.. 😣😞#Abuse #AbuseSurvivors #Nightmares #PTSD #Dating #Anxiety #Depression #Trauma #Therapy #BipolarDisorder

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Feeling very low

I have not posted in a while on The Mighty. Lately, my anxiety has been on high. I have just been to a wedding of a friend with my parents, and it makes me realize that I have been alone for a long time. I have never had a girlfriend, mostly due to anxiety, fear, and my autism getting in the way and also fear of being judged and be made fun of due to my autism and also being obese.

It is not fun thinking like this. I want to date, but I cannot find anyone who I like? It is hard to date when you are in your mid-30s like me. What should I do?

#Autism #Anxiety #obese #Fear #Dating

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Facebook Snooping and Admitted it

I feel like shit. I had to admit I facebook stalked them and I knew more than I let on about their ex through a discussion with a mutual friend. They already have trust issues. I did it out of my own fucked up insecurities. I violated them in many ways. I know people check FB. I just feel bad that I was doing it and kept making up stories. I wanted them to stop in my head. I’m planning to change this behavior as I ruined what would have been a good relationship. I have some friends telling me I shouldn’t have said a thing. But it was eating me up and it came out more after not hearing from her one day. I owned to it that it is on me to change. That her not texting…should be ok. Hurting. #Dating #BPD #stillfuckingup

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Doing the "right" thing is always right?

I felt like having a conversation with someone, so I went to a chat site to find people to talk to. I can discuss any topic without feeling judged.

I ended up talking to a guy who started flirting with me. After some investigation, I discovered he has a girlfriend whose Facebook profile I found. Should I inform her about his behavior, especially considering that he portrays himself as single?

While I don't have any expectations from him, I believe that she has the right to know. If I were in her position, I would want to be informed about my partner's online sexual behavior and their deception about their relationship status.

I understand that reaching out to her could be a challenging and emotional situation for both of us. Nevertheless, I think it's essential to demonstrate empathy for women in such situations, and I would hope that someone would do the same for me.

However, I am unsure whether it's worth the potential risk. What would you do in my situation?

#Relationships #onlinechat #OnlineDating #Dating

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Date With Bipolar Disorder #BipolarDisorder #Dating

I’m not exactly what you would call inundated with female attention. My personality is a disorder too so when I was giving Tinder a go, the few ladies I matched with, I was flattered. Now, when do you tell someone that you have Bipolar Disorder? I’m not saying that I had to but it’s something that I have to accommodate each and every single day of my life. What do you do? Regardless I just dropped it in the conversation when before it went too far. I have to admit that not one of the ladies replied after I said it. Now, I’m not sure if it’s the fact that they weren’t interested or the fact that the consensus on Bipolar is that it is something sinister. I mean imagine if I had left it until we were cuddling at 3am and whispered in her ear. People expect a scene from the Shining? Anyway, I’m the one with the lucky escape!
#MightyTogether #MentalHealth

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