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Intelligence, Beauty & Sweetness!

Dating Apps- Ugh!
Are u one of the Gadzillion hopeful Users?

Ima gonna vent- so get yrself set & Buckle Up if yr gonna do a read thru!- Lol

The above- Every Mans check list along with 'Loves Sex & to please her man'.

Snap out of it Dude! (fingers snapping)

The part I find the most offensive? SWEET! If anybody calls me sweet Im gonna slug em...
Cmon- Im 55 yrs old- been thru HellnBack- quite Often becuz of the Harrier Sex- & if u think Im gonna B yr Cook/Maid/Noncomplaing & ultra Compliant Sex Kitten- u need to get yr head outta the porn, nonsense & fantasy channels & wake up!

Are you Sweet? What does that mean?- as it comes up on almost every dudes wish list?

Non complaining, Compliant, Doting, Beautiful & Sexy, no doubt generous & independently wealthy, perfectly fine if you have liasons on the side, give her STD'S, 'Forget her Bday, Xmas or Valentines, Rudely interrupt her without complaint, "talk" while watching TV & mumbling er ya mmm, Scratching yr Balls in Public while expecting her to show up perfectly manicured, full on make-upped, ( but appearing as if no make up & taking 10 seconds to get ready), in perfect shape while eating Jumbo Jacks & Beer with the guys- noncomplaining picking up later, after taking care of you & yr in bed snoring somewhere......

Im a Little Fed Up! Time travel back to 1950 or to the Stepford Wives & leave us normal Women alone.
Relationships dont work well with Dictators & Self Involved Ego Maniacs! # #OnlineDating , #Dating , go #Ego Maniacs, #narcissistic , #1950 's, #Men , #Sweetness , #Fed Up #Fantasy


#Fed Up With Crappy People

I try to be a person who is respectful. I treat people how I want to be treated. I try hard to not judge. I'm very honest and don't believe in stealing from z store or anyone else for that matter. My mind is open and if I can help out the next person in any way I will without hesitating. I give people way more chances than they deserve.

So how come I'm constantly being crapped on? It makes absolutely no sense to me. I was just accused of stealing from a friend that I was helping out. I've known this person for multiple years and I would have thought by now that they would know that I would never do that. These things really bother me.

I had a "best friend" of more than 20 years and I recently found out she stole my identity some years ago but it took me this long to find out. I would never do that to anyone let alone someone I supposedly loved and cared about.

All of these things sadden me greatly. I don't want to live in a world where things are this way. It breaks my heart to know as the years go on people are cruel, selfish and don't care about how they are affecting others and feelings are obsolete. 😢😢


Does anyone feel lonley while in a relationship #Fed up #no one listens

ive been feeling really low and my partner know all about my mental heath bi-polar and bpd we have been together 10 years....but when i broach my thoughts (of not wanting to be here)and how i feel its like he does’nt listen so i just clam up and say nothing i dont have a good support network as nobody understands so when they ask whats wrong with you i say im tried because i get no compassion they dont listen anyway so whats the point and thats what im feeling right now whats the point with anything????


Fed up

I'm just fed up with how I feel. I just want to be happy and live my life in the moment but I can't. My anxiety and depression have been pretty bad lately. I just want to cry and scream and sob in my bed for hours but I can't, I have to go to school and work and put on a mask that everything is fine when it's not. I feel so hopeless right now that I'll never get better and that it sucks!!!

Had my first therapy session and was very uncomfortable. I felt so stupied trying to explain how i felt and crying in front of them. I don't know if this will even work and what if it dosent? Then what?

That's just whay I been feeling lately and wanted to rant and have a pitty party.... #Anxiety #Depression #Fed up