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Does it ever happen to you, that you talk nonsense and use certain words unintentionally because of #FibroFog #Fibromyalgia

Today I had a conversation with my friend during which I was having severe #BrainFog And I told her that I can't talk to her anymore because its utterly impossible for me to understand the words she was saying and also its it's very very stressful for my brain even to construct a very little sentence or even say yes or no. SometimesIt's like some unKnown language is coming out of my mouth. So I very unintentionally said to her, " please don't force me to talk, it's very painful for me" and after hearing me use the word FORCE she took grave offense and she said she's hurt alot that I used the word FORCE, and that I think she's forcing me to talk, I never Ever say Like that to anyone I was not even aware that I said Sentence, "please don't force me. " Do things like this happen?. To anyone?? Its It's really hurtful. I'm beginning to think that I'm wrong for expecting people to understand my pain. Have anyone of you experienced anything like this? #Fibromyalgia #FibroFog #Fibroguilt #ChronicIllness #ChronicFatigue


Fibro Flare #Fibromyalgia

I’m on day 7 of a fibro flare now. I got married in January and it’s been slowly declining ever since. I knew it was coming, I was prepared (as prepared as one can be) and yet I still feel the overwhelming sense of guilt and doom at not being at work, not parenting at my best, sleeping lots, popping painkillers! Guilt is a useless emotion but it causes me the most pain. #Fibroguilt #fibroflare #FMS #ChronicPain #CFS #chronicmigraine #Fibromyalgia

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