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Can someone relate

#Fibromyalgia #FibroFog #fibrowarrior #FMS

This seems to be the sampling of experiences that we have found. Being new to chronic illness we joined this place and community to learn more and to relate. We are thankful for this community and as of now are in sure how to answer this question. When It began there was debilitating pain weakness and we used a Cain. Now there is less pain (Meds) however weakness and fatigue are the challenges? This is our first year so we have no idea what our illness looks like all we know is we are not able to work not able to keep up and if we try to hard we lay in bed.

Maybe this sounds familiar to you. For us we cycle 🔃 oh look we are better we can do this then exhaustion and couch. Oh look we are having a good day then couch. Oh look we have had a good few days couch all weekend.

This is how we now experience life. Can anyone relate?

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What's your #1 Go to for anxiety relief?

"That weird feeling in your gut". That's how a lay person would describe what anxiety feels like.

Anxiety, however can play creative role in our life. It can push us forward in a fulfilling direction or it can take a dark turn for a moment. If you are dealing with anything 'chronic' - Like a bad neighbour - anxiety is there. The symptoms are varied, and may include, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, muscle tingling, fatigue, sleep disturbances, or just plain shut you down mentally, and or physically.

Dealing with a chronic anything can mess with your life. The day to day things that you found super easy before your diagnosis, has the potential to turn into the equivalent of rolling a small snowball down a hill and having it turn into a bowl-you-over-boulder.

Sometimes ye-old stand-by's seem ineffectual and may no longer have the effectiveness once employed, and you must add a new tool to your throughly exhausted bag-of-tricks.

What have you tried that has given you some relief? It takes precious energy, energy you don't necessarily have to give.

My personality, I'm all about efficiency, which is a contentious bummer because having fibromyalgia, (FMS) can sometimes feel like I'm not getting anything accomplished in the day because everything takes so damn long to do.

Sometimes, if I'm not gentle enough with myself this can cause some anxiety too. Not to mention the piling up of x y and z over there in the corner somewhere...

I do hope your that in your bag-of-tricks you use affirmations. I found that saying an affirmation to yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or just plain lost your confidence with life, saying the simple phrase of:"I LOVE AND APPROVE OF MYSELF."

Many years ago, back in the late 90's, I found Louise Hay. Louise Hay had published a book called Heal Your Life. I found that book, and decided that 'it couldn't hurt to try it', honestly, it was an incredibly hard time in my life. A divorce, being separated from my children for an extended period of time turned my life into a nightmare. I wasn't sure that I could go on. I had been diagnosed with severe depression, coupled with crippling anxiety, with a dash of panic attacks.

Louise encouraged readers and seekers of a new way of doing things to take the mantra's and write them down on sticky notes, and place them where you would see it often. I placed mine in my car, the bathroom mirrors, the refrigerator, etc. Eventually, I found one that really stuck with me, and seemed to always work in a timely fashion when I employed that mantra, silently to myself.

In the beginning, I would say the mantra hundreds of times in a row. Like on repeat. I can remember working at my job in Health Records, filing in particular, reciting the mantra to myself to keep myself grounded, and to curb the horrific anxiety that I needed to work through. (*Medications for anxiety didn't work for me and I was sensitive or allergic to everything that I tried. That meant - I was on my own, and from then on, I decided that it was only me that was gonna help me, and I needed some tools that were going to be efficient and effective.)#

Low and behold it worked. I found that each time I would get into a situation or have a feeling of insecurity - that could lead to anxiety - I would just shut it down by reciting my mantra,"I love and approve of myself'.

What is your favourite mantra? Have you tried the sticky notes to remind you that you are a Divine Being? Do you know how much you are loved? I love you.

I am with you.

Make your recovery, your new discovery❤️

#Anxiety #Depression #FMS #PanicAttacks #mantras #loveyourself #Fibromyalgia #louisehay

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Taking small steps to the great outdoors

Being a badass ‘beddie’ could make a few of your friends jealous. The friends that don’t actually know what your life is like. The friends that you may not have been 100% honest with entirely.

You know, the one who wants to do lunch or beers at the beach?

The one you haven’t said to much to yet because you haven’t had the right moment to tell her you have a chronic illness, and that’s why you haven’t been to yoga or goga?

No one wants to be a beddie or bed ridden. No one wants to go from fit to unfit. No one wants to have their integrity or their friendship questioned.

How do you keep in shape while being in bed?

Housework. (Right!?)

If it’s all I can manage, I do one small chore, then back to bed annnnd repeat. Keeping my house in working order, neat and tidy helps me feel like was active at some point, even if it’s in super slow mode. Plus, I have a huge sense of accomplishment which makes me feel super good about myself. The positive zen vibes makes my home a sanctuary which helps me cope with the mental aspect of being a mom, disabled and single.

I have been increasing my distance walking further away from the house daily, and finally made it to one of my favourite hiking spots.

I am grateful for Mother Nature, and her great vibes. I am grateful that my amazing body was up to the task of getting me there. I’ll share it with you.🌲🌲🌲

#Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Fitness #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #FMS #Depression # #

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#FMS #fibrorelapse #covidvaccine

I read about some fibro folks who were in relapses had difficult reactions to the Covid vaccine. I want to get the shot but am in bad relapse. And a secondary chronic illness relapse. And a third chronic issue relapse. Any insights or experiences? I saw information on medicinal protocols that help after out of relapse to help with more normal reaction to vaccine. Anyone.


How do I get an#awesomethemighty , t-shirt?

#FMS #CFS #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Disability #DisabilityTalk #DisabilityAdvocacy #mentalhealthchallenges #ClinicalDepression #PanicDisorder #PeripheralNeuropathy #InvisibleDisability #SupportOthers #CheckInWithMe #TheMightyTakeaway

Hey there everyone. I have been ill my whole life with a myriad of symptoms of illnesses, injuries, and unexplainable pain.
Finally I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder in my mid thirties and 5 years later fms and cfs. And at that same time, I had a massive flare of ??? PAIN?Extreme discomfort, throughout my body? And it has taken me 5 years of extremely difficult challenges and sometimes crushing mistakes. To get me here, sharing this. On this day I feel good after therapy and want to encourage other folks, to keep it going.
Most days are not like this. They are full of pain that I am continuously working through and that is exhaustive and depressing.
But through it all, I want


How do you deal with negative self-criticism?

Today I’m having a somewhat decent day. I have so many things to do. Yet I feel overwhelmed. I keep thinking about how lazy I must be. I’m going to try taking “baby steps.”
How do you deal with negative self-talk? #chronic illness #Fibromyalgia #chronic fatigue syndrome #CFS #FMS #FM


Anyone with fibromyalgia randomly feel really warm to the point clothes feel too much? No physical fever though, though I often get those randomly too

#Fibromyalgia #FMS #hotflashes #Fever


Fibro Flare #Fibromyalgia

I’m on day 7 of a fibro flare now. I got married in January and it’s been slowly declining ever since. I knew it was coming, I was prepared (as prepared as one can be) and yet I still feel the overwhelming sense of guilt and doom at not being at work, not parenting at my best, sleeping lots, popping painkillers! Guilt is a useless emotion but it causes me the most pain. #Fibroguilt #fibroflare #FMS #ChronicPain #CFS #chronicmigraine #Fibromyalgia

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