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Is there a good sleep diary available, for Samsung20?

#Sleep I don't know what is happening, but seem to wake up after 2 to 3 hours sleep. Or just don't go to sleep. Maybe a diary would help me keep track. Or maybe would keep me awake. #fibromialgya #PTSD #Depression #Sleep Apnoea


How can I apply for disability? #fibromialgya #chronic illness #CPTSD

I've come to the hard realization that I'm no longer able to work a "normal" job and need to apply for disability. But I have no idea how to do that or even where to start. Are there resources to help someone apply for disability? Like case workers or something? Any suggestions on how to get help on applying for disability would be greatly appreciated!


Bad Day #fibromialgya #ChronicDepression

My daughters doctor whom we just met today asked me about any chronic illness in the family. Both me and my mother have fibro and depression we have the same pain spouts and usually are on antidepressants. I have been able to be off of any antidepressant for several years now using Lyrica, CBD oil, meditation and lavender oil. I am a very proud mother. Today this doctor asked me what health conditions I had if any I responded with fibro which I have been diagnosed by four doctors to come to this diagnosis as my family doctor wanted everything ruled out first. He then explained to me that it is a made up disease that doctors use when they cant find anything else. First my doctor diagnosed me with it knowing my moms conditions and how we were so similar. Then he sent me to several doctors to confirm. Its one thing to here a random person tell you that your not in pain but a whole other thing when a doctor tells you that your chronic pain condition isn't real and that I just need to stretch more. He then continued my daughters exam while I held my 11 month old and explained to me that my oldest need more one on one time anyways so just massage her legs at night so her growing pains aren't so bad.....first off my oldest gets more attention than the baby. She needs to be with me more often than her sister and I need to lay with her and tell her stories every night. I am extremely hard on myself as a mother and judge myself way too much already so when he said that.. it really cut deep, even though I know I am fully committed to my children I felt like I needed to defend myself. Instead I just kept my mouth shut, went home ,called my mom and cried. I have an appointment with my own physician after dealing with that, I want a different doctor for her. it seemed like he was making small jabs at my parenting because I had to bring the baby... but really ? what was I supposed to do ? break pandemic rules and get a babysitter?