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How to heal your brain from mental fatigue and brain fog

Do you struggle with brain fog or mental fatigue? Rina Lang suffered for years before she learned what she was struggling with. She discusses how this affected her life, her relationships, and her mental health.

Listen to this podcast episode to learn the signs and symptoms as well as how to heal your brain and your mind.

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You’ll find a community that has your back on The Mighty, no matter what health situation you’re going through. We talk about what health is really like — mental health, chronic illness, disability, rare disease, cancer, and much more.

I’m having mental fatigue. I do a lot of sleeping, taking baths, meditation and listening to music to cope. What helps you?

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Balance Life, School, Work, and Self

How do you all deal with things that life throws at you all at once? I am a full time student, I work outside of school in retail, I feel like I need time to myself and take care of myself, but that can mean not getting done what I need and then anxiety kicks in and starts the cycle over. How do you deal with everything at once?? #Anxiety #Stress #overwhelmed #Mentalfatigue

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This is me #exhausted #Pain #Fibromyalgia #PTSD #Anxiety

There I am a photo taken a week or so ago. This year has created a perfect storm of stress for me, and i am closer to break point than i want to be. Its long so bear with me.
My husband is on dialysis, and though ive gotten used to t he idea, it has not stopped the stress.
My mum came to visit, which was awesome because its 3000 odd miles from home for them, and even though i loved having them here it stressed me as well.
Early in the year i had an mri done of my head and though there is nothing seriously wrong the scan showed something which noone has explained ( but assured there is nothing wrong that they can see).
I was diagnosed with erythromyalgia, not that it was new but now i know, its gotten worse.
i found out that the Army base is a trigger for my ptsd, hubby says my mood changed as we got closer- there is a museum there that we were visiting. I think i would have pulled up ok if we had not run into actual soldiers...not their fault, but one of them had a ..we called it a swagger stick..and i cant shake neither the image nor the fear that stirs.
i still have fibromyalgia, my back is still screwed up. i also developed bad knee pain caused by arthritis. So pain is my constant companion.
Then a few weeks ago i started to hit the proverbial wall. slurring, not using the right words for things, exhausted. Sleeping a lot. Dizzy.
Talked to my doctor about it, and he suggested it skunded like mental fatigue.
I can see it, but i still dont have a clue how to fix it. Oh and its Christmas, with hubbys folks next week, hubby also has a minor surgery on friday...the stresses are not pausing and i might be ready to scream.
Thankfully i can do what i always do, play video games ( pic shows my headset around my neck). i wish i could do my usual positive post, because i prefer to inspire but Im tired and trying to stay afloat... #Mentalfatigue #Fibromyaliga

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Mentally and physically exhausted

It’s been a rough, tiring week. Today during our Sales meeting I felt kinda ill. I had a fever, headache and whole body hurts. But I took some DayQuil and it helped a little bit. Work wise was a rough roller coaster of stress and mental fatigue. My job is so demanding and somehow I managed to survive day by day. My meds are doing its job. Trying to keep the #BPD Demons at bay. Not to mention my #ADHD comes into play. That picture is the exact representation of myself-“The broken Me”. My daily tasks work & personal piles up and never ends. In addition I’m sleep deprived. I’m so looking forward to taking it easy this weekend and trying not to do too much. #Depression #Mentalfatigue #Mentalexhaustion

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