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Balance Life, School, Work, and Self

How do you all deal with things that life throws at you all at once? I am a full time student, I work outside of school in retail, I feel like I need time to myself and take care of myself, but that can mean not getting done what I need and then anxiety kicks in and starts the cycle over. How do you deal with everything at once?? #Anxiety #Stress #overwhelmed #Mentalfatigue

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This is me #exhausted #Pain #Fibromyalgia #PTSD #Anxiety

There I am a photo taken a week or so ago. This year has created a perfect storm of stress for me, and i am closer to break point than i want to be. Its long so bear with me.
My husband is on dialysis, and though ive gotten used to t he idea, it has not stopped the stress.
My mum came to visit, which was awesome because its 3000 odd miles from home for them, and even though i loved having them here it stressed me as well.
Early in the year i had an mri done of my head and though there is nothing seriously wrong the scan showed something which noone has explained ( but assured there is nothing wrong that they can see).
I was diagnosed with erythromyalgia, not that it was new but now i know, its gotten worse.
i found out that the Army base is a trigger for my ptsd, hubby says my mood changed as we got closer- there is a museum there that we were visiting. I think i would have pulled up ok if we had not run into actual soldiers...not their fault, but one of them had a ..we called it a swagger stick..and i cant shake neither the image nor the fear that stirs.
i still have fibromyalgia, my back is still screwed up. i also developed bad knee pain caused by arthritis. So pain is my constant companion.
Then a few weeks ago i started to hit the proverbial wall. slurring, not using the right words for things, exhausted. Sleeping a lot. Dizzy.
Talked to my doctor about it, and he suggested it skunded like mental fatigue.
I can see it, but i still dont have a clue how to fix it. Oh and its Christmas, with hubbys folks next week, hubby also has a minor surgery on friday...the stresses are not pausing and i might be ready to scream.
Thankfully i can do what i always do, play video games ( pic shows my headset around my neck). i wish i could do my usual positive post, because i prefer to inspire but Im tired and trying to stay afloat... #Mentalfatigue #Fibromyaliga

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Mentally and physically exhausted

It’s been a rough, tiring week. Today during our Sales meeting I felt kinda ill. I had a fever, headache and whole body hurts. But I took some DayQuil and it helped a little bit. Work wise was a rough roller coaster of stress and mental fatigue. My job is so demanding and somehow I managed to survive day by day. My meds are doing its job. Trying to keep the #BPD Demons at bay. Not to mention my #ADHD comes into play. That picture is the exact representation of myself-“The broken Me”. My daily tasks work & personal piles up and never ends. In addition I’m sleep deprived. I’m so looking forward to taking it easy this weekend and trying not to do too much. #Depression #Mentalfatigue #Mentalexhaustion

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