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Is Art Therapy Successful?

Is Art Therapy Successful?

Does Art Therapy help anxiety? I believe art therapy does help reduce anxiety and can help relieve the nervous system. Approximately 29% of people are touched with an Anxiety disorder. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) defines generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) “as the persistent and excessive worry about things that otherwise don’t appear to have a reason for concern”. Art therapy is founded on the belief that for those who heal for those who are healing or seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their behaviors. It isn't just coloring in a book, it can be painting, sketching, etc. Art therapy isn’t just visual arts. There is expressive arts, Visual arts is a more comfortable way for people to express their feelings or relieve their worries and anxieties.

I have my own struggles with generalized anxiety and social anxiety, and I found that using art to express my feelings in that given moment really helps me with expression. With my struggles, whenever I felt anxious I would suppress those feelings and try to hide them. I had always struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I had noticed whenever I would start a new project. I for once wasn't worried about what was gonna happen next, I felt relaxed and in the moment. After painting for months I not only saw an increase in my artistic abilities but overall, I felt more confident.

Although there is medication for anxiety disorders, people refrain from taking medication and look for other ways to manage. It is used in hospitals, senior settings, and more. This form of therapy has shown ways to improve their mental health rather than just anxiety.

I know I gave a few benefits of art therapy above, but I would like to give you a few more perks of using AT. Art therapy can help improve social skills, help sensorimotor functions, raise self-esteem, and it cultivates resilience. Art therapy isn’t just for anxiety it has been shown to be effective for many other mental health disorders.

Art Therapy doesn’t work for everybody. Trying different coping skills can be difficult and quickly you can realize that it isn't working and could be bringing you more anxiety and stress. I noticed when I painted and it wasn’t as perfect as I wanted it to be and I would get annoyed and stressed. Sometimes trying to paint and relax while i’m in a bad headspace my linework isn’t as precise. Taking a deep breath and regrouping your thoughts can improve a better Don't worry, keep trying different methods or trying the same method just a little differently. Sooner or later you will find something that will accommodate and help you just have to keep searching. Once you find something to help manage your anxieties, overtime you could feel your anxieties slowly simmer away.

How Can You Start Using Art Therapy?

You decide you’d like to try art therapy for anxiety. Starting to use AT does not have specific rules, a right or wrong way. If you don't have the materials, you can use a simple pencil and paper. Art has no definition, art is about emotional power and emotional expression. During the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I began to notice that I was very nervous all the time and “on edge” which was new for me. Since we were stuck in the house all day everyday, I started to spend all day everyday painting. Don’t feel discouraged from the idea because you feel like you have little artistic ability. I didn’t really have much artistic ability when I started. Free drawing/painting really helps taking exactly from how I'm feeling to the paper/canvas. Over time I learned that it isn't about how well you can draw and paint, It is about the complete opposite.

It is about the act of doing the activity, feeling your emotions, and handling your anxieties and concerns. Using any kind of simple and small crafts can even be a form of Art Therapy. Things to get your brain thinking and feeling, in a way you're comfortable with.

If you feel comfortable around a group of friends, you can invite them to even join you. I personally feel secure and safe painting with my friends. Giggles and music coming from the room is definitely a wholesome feeling. Whenever my friends and I have a bad day, we always get together and paint. My best friend, Trinity and I can zone out into our own world for hours just painting or sometimes we express how we are feeling. Personally, I think playing music in the background is a must. Trinity and I are different artists but we can always agree that art therapy is helpful and rewarding. AT could be even more beneficial if you are surrounded by a group of people who do not judge you. Playing your favorite playlist. It can help being in an environment with good vibes, a place where nothing is bringing you extra stress.

If you are having trouble getting started here are 18 different crafts and activities that you can try!

Can I Use Art Therapy Daily?

The answer is Yes! If you are using Art therapy outside of therapy or not in any therapy, you can use AT everyday, anytime, and any place. Art therapy doesn't have to be any more or any less than you need it. Whenever you need a way to relieve your anxiety at the moment you can take 10 minutes or hour(s). When I feel anxious and I'm away I use just a random piece of paper and just draw, it does help and ground me back from overthinking so much. I do try to use it everyday, when I am consistent I feel my art has a deeper meaning and more thoughtful since I'm feeling more in touch with myself. This form of coping is flexible for you and how you are feeling. If you feel that you don't need to use paint or draw on any given day, you can always pick up where you left off another time. The ball is completely in your court!


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Alone, do you feel alone
Do you feel safe
I’m coming for you
You know I know
Without me your nothing
Who will keep feeding you lies
I tell nothing but the truth.
I’m the only one you can trust
Don’t trust them I’m the one you want
I’m your savior
I will tell you
What they won’t
Sincerely anxiety #anixety #alone

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Just wanted to share a little win I had recently

Im very proud of myself because last week I had botox for the 4th time in my forehead to help with migraines and I didnt faint or have a panic attack. I have a phobia of needles and with the crippling anxiety Ive been having recently I had been putting off my appointment for 8 months! But after suffering with migraine after migraine I finally got the courage and booked an appointment. I have the loveliest lady doing my botox and she is so patient with me. And after leaving my appointment I wanted to cry because I had managed to go through with it without any issues. A very proud moment and its given me a confidence boost 🥰 its the small victories 🥰 #botox #Migraine #ChronicPain #anixety

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Greif fuelled depression

Loosing my partner of 17 years is like learning how to live again and my depression is always there to kick me down each time I think I’m improving. I take my medication and I have beat stage 4 cancer but this feeling of emptiness is the worst feeling ever #ChronicDepression #Pain #lost #lonely #anixety

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How am I doing?

When someone asks how I'm doing, I'm going seems to be the only way I can think of to put into words how im feeling. Im a single mum to a wee 4 year old boy who has a severe learning disability along with cerebral palsey with dystonia. It was his birth and the trauma of it that brought on ptsd but anixety has always been there from as early as 4 years old (thats when my own dad left). At beginning of lock down I watched "13 reasons why" on netflix and it brought back alot of memories I hadn't realised at the time where abusive/sexual assult/emotional abuse the list goes on, I mean even memories i hadnt known about, someone once told me once you open pandoras box there's no going back and thats litetally what it has felt like. While all these realisations are coming out im still having to parent as many of us do. Childs dad takes him for 1 hour every night and to be honest thats more hassle to get ready for than its worth and most nights i come back feeling crap because he has told me im a part time mum can call me all the names of the day,then next day its whiplash as he says I'm a good mum, its just mentally draining. He has him overnight 1 night at wkend and theres always a story when he comes back how difficult he was or what I could do better. I send absolutely everything down right down to a list of his routine and meds. It gets alot and while doctor has said ptsd, i have researched anixety depression, bipolar disorder, ocd, adhd and autism. I would love some clarity and ive such a long road of councelling needed im on a waiting list for cbt but that is long and nothing else offered as of yet, but I just keep going and try to remember everyone has their reasons they are the way they are #anixety #PTSD #CBT #13ReasonsWhy #singlemummy #cerebalpalseyawareness

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Anxiety Symptons - #anixety #Autism

This make so much sense for me lately been going to the loo like 7 times a day .
Anyone else got symptoms? #anixety #Autism

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What if Pets could talk and what would we do without them? #CheckInWithMe #Autism #Depression #Anxiety

How does your pet help you ?
Woke up 12am couldn’t sleep overthinking. So went to the pup, and thought he go mad running round the living but nope! He sat on sofa and looked at me like let’s have a cuddle. He just lyed there lying on my chest and let me kiss him. While he he was sleeping my stress was going away. Due to the autism I love fluffy and soft thing dexter is super soft and love his ears. I am so lucky I can go right to his face and give him kiss and he wag his tails.
Few night ago I was crying we in the sofa and he turned round to look at me and put his head on me. Stared right in my soul and looked at me to say “It okay,am here,I love you Jess” and licked me then went straight to sleep. I needed that in that moment my mind was going mad and thinking about how hard life is and what’s the point.
What if my dog could talk, what how he sound like and what he say about life and me. Pets are so pure and there whole goal in life is to love their choose family. My dog Dexter when he in was the litter, he went straight to my dad and sat on his foot and he still does that today.
#Autism #MentalHealth #Pets #Love #CheckInWithMe #Depression #anixety


Why #MentalHealth #Depression #CheckInWithMe #Autism #anixety

Depression why do you make me feel so distanced from my bf,family,best friends and Pets. Why do you do this even when am in the same building as them or spent all day with them. Why do you make days from not seeing them feel like a life time.
#MentalHealth #Autism #Depression #CheckInWithMe


Dear Depression…. #MentalHealth #Autism #Depression

Dear Depression
I really hate you depression. I hate how unloved you make me feel. That am worthless and don’t deserve anything good in my life and to stop trying.
I hate how slow you make time and trap me in the past. I hate how you make me doubt things from going out or even getting out of bed if it’s worth it. I hate how numb you can make my body that I can no longer feel hunger or thirst just the darkness.
I know I am loved. I have amazing boyfriend,family and friends who adore me. Pets who stay with me till I fall a sleep. They would all take the pain away if they could.
I hate you depression how dark, lonely and shadowed you make some days feel.
#Depression #anixety #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe


#Aggravated #MarriageWithDepression

Ok I am new here so I'm very nervous 💗 bare with me 😂 anyway I woke up this morning to my husband running his mouth on me and actually accusing me for sneaking out at night or bringing someone else in the house!! OMG 😳 I have never even cheated on him. We both are trying to lay down the meth and it's day 2. It really hurts my feeling's.
#Recovery #Depression #anixety