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How to get work remotely (long term preferred) due to disability #Firbomyalgia #RemoteJobs


I have been out of work now for about a year. I tried working various temp jobs in office and retail locations. I have #Fibromyaliga but due to “my age and ability to learn new skills” (not denying this but frustratingly so) was told by the State to work remotely.

I don’t really know how to go about getting a job that I can work from home, or what my rights are per the ADA. I recently discovered the Dept of Aging and Disability Services, so that’s a step in the right direction.

I live in chronic pain, have multiple appointment of PT and pain management weekly, and need to get back into work.

Any suggestions or guidance as far as going about that? Please and thank you.

All my love, stay safe out there.



Anyone have ideas for DIY costumes for those of us who are too fatigued to spend a lot of energy making one? #Halloween #Costume #Inspiration #BrainFog #Firbomyalgia #HashimotosThyroiditis #Osteoarthritis #Osteoporosis

I hate the idea of buying a pre-made Halloween costume. I’ve always tried to be creative & original. In previous years, when I didn’t have the energy to go all out, I just didn’t go. This year leading up to Halloween, my baseline energy levels are so low, I feel like I just need the emotional pick-me-up of dressing up and visiting with friends. I’ve RSVP’d yes to a party on Saturday, but it’s already Monday and I don’t have a costume, the energy to design and sew one, or even an idea of what I could kludge together. So here I am, appealing to the Mighty Masses for inspiration. Gimme your best.


Still Angry, Still Tired

You took my mom from me way to soon, she should be here to see her grandkids do all the amazing things that they are doing. I am angry that you took her from me when I was young, but I am more angry that you took her from them. I know she would have been involved in everything. I am tired. I am tired of trying to be strong for dad. I am tired of trying to pretend my sister is worth fighting for. I am tired because my body hates me and is always tired. I am angry that you are not here because of a person and not an illness. I am tired of being angry, but I will always be. Someday I hope to not be angry nor tired. #Firbomyalgia #Migraine #Childhoodtrauma


Bad flareup, #CRPS, #Firbomyalgia, #ChronicPain

I have been following the 52 week challenge and am getting started this week. Sometimes my mind gets really hazy, am hoping for good day this week to do a list. With the Hydration, I drink a lot of Decaf tea, Warm or Cold it doesn't matter, but if I don't drink it I really feel a difference. Last few days have been rough #CRPS #ChronicFatigueSyndrome#ChronicPain didn't know if I was going to be able to handle it much more, but here I am with a plan. Luv you guys, you brought me through.  Hope everyone has a good day and soft hugs.