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    Jobs for Individuals with Disabilities

    Thought I'd share this here in case if anyone is looking for a job. Something you might want to try is an employment agency that's specifically set up to help people with disabilities find work. Galt Foundation is a good option for this because they usually have lots of postings for different jobs and skill levels, and you can do full-time or part-time. Plus, they work with people one-on-one and do coaching/mentoring if needed. And there's benefits like vacation, sick pay, and health insurance on some assignments.

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    Remote jobs for anxiety? #CheckInWithMe

    I’m noticing that being in a work environment is one of my biggest triggers. I’m at my best when I’m working at home. As we move closer to “normal”, and I use that term loosely, I realize it’s best for me to continually work from home. Does anyone have suggestions. I don’t believe I can continue at my current role because its hybrid, and home days are so much better for me.
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    Does anyone know about remote jobs outside the states? I live in Bolivia and I just finished university and I'm really struggling to find a job.



    How do you work with chronic illness? Do you have a remote job?#RemoteJobs #SickleCellAnemia #Onlinejobs #ChronicIllness #entreprenuer

    Or what do you think about working from anywhere and earning your morning from everywhere?


    @reneeyfabian Do you by chance have articles featuring companies currently hiring that are great for people with chronic illnesses? #RemoteJobs


    How to get work remotely (long term preferred) due to disability #Firbomyalgia #RemoteJobs


    I have been out of work now for about a year. I tried working various temp jobs in office and retail locations. I have #Fibromyaliga but due to “my age and ability to learn new skills” (not denying this but frustratingly so) was told by the State to work remotely.

    I don’t really know how to go about getting a job that I can work from home, or what my rights are per the ADA. I recently discovered the Dept of Aging and Disability Services, so that’s a step in the right direction.

    I live in chronic pain, have multiple appointment of PT and pain management weekly, and need to get back into work.

    Any suggestions or guidance as far as going about that? Please and thank you.

    All my love, stay safe out there.



    Where is article on 7 work from home jobs?

    I got the dropdown message just now about it but I cannot find it. #workfromhome #hiringnow #RemoteJobs


    Does anyone know if remote-based jobs to do at home?

    I am looking for a remote-job to do at home preferably along the lines of Using organizational tools and maybe some type of personal assistant that only works remotely from home. Does anyone know any available jobs that goes along those lines?

    Thank you in advance!

    All the best ,


    List of Remote Jobs Hiring in 2020 according to Forbes

    Thought this article might help some of you who are looking for remote jobs.
    https //

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    For people with chronic illness remote work is life changing

    Remote work is so much more than just a job perk for digital nomads. Going to an office daily isn’t a possibility for some people. Remote work allows people who are chronically ill to have full time jobs & excel in them. Some people don’t understand how empowering that is. #MixedConnectiveTissueDiseaseMCTD #SeizureDisorder #Epilepsy #ChronicIllness #RemoteJobs #UndifferentiatedConnectiveTissueDisease #Inclusion #Accessibility #Career