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HOW ARE YOU TODAY? Just checking on everyone 😉😊❤️ #Depression #Anxiety #Insomnia #Fatigue #foggybrain #checkingonyou

Today my depression is pressing but I'm not letting it win ahahah is like a continuous arm wrestle that noone of us wanna lose 😂😅. My health anxiety is also super annoying like a child that it's keep asking for a candy repetitively. Lots of things together these few days but I refuse to lose my capacity of smile.
I have insomnia and I'm working hard to make it stabilise. Insomnia tho at a long run have side effects and fatigue and drowsiness are some of them and today it's really heavy especially because my period just started so I have double drowsiness on me.

Jeezzzzzzz! Give me a break! Right? 😅😂
Yah thats me laughing at my struggles as a coping mechanisms 🤣 Ahahahah
I'm still going on with my day tho try to draw something now with a background of music.

How are you all today? Many of you maybe still sleeping at this time, right? Mmm here in Malaysia the time is 18:07.
Well...have a nice day anyways eheh 😊💟

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Foggy brain #Depression

So my mental health has taken a dip over the last few weeks I had a rough night where I has multiple panic attacks during the night and always after my panic attacks my mood sinks a lot! I wanted to share how I’m feeling but not brave enough to talk to friends or share on Facebook but feel safe doing it here. And I know the haters will say that we are looking for attention or glamourising mental health but we are not! There is nothing glamorous about how I’m feeling...I feel like my brain is foggy, I’m not eating properly cause I don’t feel like getting up to make anything, I only shower when I’m forced to by my wife and I’m spending my days off literally in bed al day not moving! I don’t know how to clear my ‘foggy brain’ so wondered if you lovely people had any tips! Also I feel so guilty for feeling like this, I feel like a burden, waste of space, like I’ve failed at being a wife. So no I’m not looking for attention and no its not glamorous! #foggybrain #Depression #Burden #selfloathing