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Today is one of those days where my skin is on fire and my clothes feels like needles. I’m stuck in bed and pray this flair up ends soon #bed #fybro

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1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep....ugh.

Ok, this whole counting sheep thing is for the birds! I have painsomnia + anxietysomnia (I am pretty sure I just made that word up lol) followed up by nauseasomnia....gonna be a long night.... I hope everyone here is either comfortably in their 3rd dream by now or just about there. Sincerely, your sleep deprived fellow GP WARRIOR 😩 #Gastroparesis #fybro #Anxiety #Insomnia #ineedsleep #MightyTogether #contributor

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Tired to be tired #tired #dontletthebed #no wanttoseepeople# #Depression #fybro # neurophaty#BackPain #

A was in my bed for 3 days cause the pain and tired, but im so pissoff, im tired to be at bed, tired to be tired, but my low back pain dont let me get out of the bed... Some times this is to hard to accept the fybro and neurophaty... Not easy at all... And i have to work, cause im get a work at home like virtual kindergarten teacher, but for now im just record my clasess and i feel is so hard even think about it... and i feel pain in all my body... Defenetly its not easy... 😢😢😢

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Im fell so tired today #supertired #fybro #neurophaty #Anxiety #

Today I wake up at 5am like every day since 2 weeks ago and I fell SO TIRED I can't dress my self to go to work. I starting work again, in kindergarten, but now by internet, and it is so hard, try to get the attention of the students, try to the parents don't make the paper work of the students, try to be at the line all the time cause your Clases are integral, i cant loose my time in a internet that is on and of, and at last for worst I'm work in a privet Academy that thinks if they (parents) pay, you have to let your skin in the job if is necessary... Today like I said, I very tired and call to my principal at 5am to excuse me, thought she can communicate with the parents and tell them, no classes today, BUT NO I HAVE TO CONNECT BY HOME, I STILL CAN BELIEVE THE IGNORANCE OF SOME PEOPLE, IM TIRED!!!! I CANT WORK TODAY!!! BUT THE CANT UNDERSTAND THIS EASY SITUATION.... and now I'm thinking, I'm take a right decision to go back to work? I'm stat to doubt 🤷 🤷 🤷 🤷 🤷 🤷 🤷 🤷 🤷 #TIREDTODEATH #anxyety #VIRTUALKINDERGARYRNTEACHER #Depression