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    ADA rights for people with invisible disabilities in healthcare

    I’m working on developing a public list of ADA accommodation ideas for invisible disabilities (eg, cognitive impairment, low vision, anxiety, etc.) in healthcare settings.

    I would love suggestions on accommodations others have been granted (eg, longer appt times, providing a note-taker or audio recording of appts, etc.)

    #ADA #InvisibleDisability #HealthEquity #tbi #migraine #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Anxiety #PTSD #Depression #DisabilityPrideMonth #Dysautonomia #AutonomicDysfunction #vestibulardisorder

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    Community Voices

    Learning to accept my SFPN this disability pride month

    I’m a long time follower of The Mighty, new(ish) contributor. I’ve been challenging myself to start feeling comfortable speaking publicly about the stigma and isolation of SFPN, and wanted to share one of my first advocacy articles. Would love any feedback others may have
    #AutoimmuneAutonomicNeuropathy #sfpn #ChronicPain #HealthEquity