I took tramadol 50mg around noon. about six-forty pm I took a klonopin 25 mg

I’m struggling trrribly with anger issues
I’m on leave from work - no pay
when I’m home I can’t get rest because of crappy neighbors above stomping on me
I’m lashing out at everyone - in a fibro flare

normally I wouldn’t have taken the klonopin or at least so close but I got really really angry - at another person. i hate myself more bc of that. can’t control my anger or temper

also just got off a few days of Amitriptyline - I couldn’t continue - wiped me out and I thought also was making me moody but pharmacist said that wouldn’t be so 🙄
anyone with anything to say- please. I’m struggle so bad and and cursing everyone and myself - I’m so incredibly ugly rn. and it only makes all the pain and other symptoms worse. thanks for reading. #Selfhate #amitriptyline #anger #Rage #ChronicIllness #howdoyousaveyourself