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I’m too stressed so I took more clonazepam than I should have #Benzodiazepines #Clonazepam #Depression #Anxiety

I’m so sick of everything. Last night I was trying to fix something and because I’m a useless piece of trash I ended up breaking the figure I was trying to fix. Now it’s not available in my country and I had to pay 71 candian dollars to import it from Canada which will take about 3 weeks or so, so 3 weeks without it great! My mother died of a heart attack, my dad’s got parkinson, my aunt has cancer and my uncle had a heart attack, I too am suffering from many diseases and I’m close to going back to university. The way I am feeling I can’t do shit. I should just give up and go somewhere where nothing will bother me, wish I could. Anyways the pressure was so much that I decided to take 1mg of clonazepam when I’m supposed to take 0.25 mg in cases I need it. I don’t know how bad that is but to be honest I don’t know what to do. If anyone can read this I’d appreciate it cause I feel like a complete loser who can’t get his life together


Clonazepam tapering

Has anyone tapered off clonazepam and if so, were you successful and what was your experience like? #medications #Clonazepam #Anxiety #Depression #PanicDisorder


Side Effects?

My doctor just prescribed clonazepam 1mg for me along with me already taking Depakote 500mg... What are your experiences with clonazepam? #Clonazepam #meds #Bipolar2Disorder #BipolarDepression #BipolarDisorder #SideEffects


#tramadol #Clonazepam #Fibro #anger #suicidalthinking #Anxiety

I took tramadol 50mg around noon. about six-forty pm I took a klonopin 25 mg

I’m struggling trrribly with anger issues
I’m on leave from work - no pay
when I’m home I can’t get rest because of crappy neighbors above stomping on me
I’m lashing out at everyone - in a fibro flare

normally I wouldn’t have taken the klonopin or at least so close but I got really really angry - at another person. i hate myself more bc of that. can’t control my anger or temper

also just got off a few days of Amitriptyline - I couldn’t continue - wiped me out and I thought also was making me moody but pharmacist said that wouldn’t be so 🙄
anyone with anything to say- please. I’m struggle so bad and and cursing everyone and myself - I’m so incredibly ugly rn. and it only makes all the pain and other symptoms worse. thanks for reading. #Selfhate #amitriptyline #anger #Rage #ChronicIllness #howdoyousaveyourself

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Has anyone experienced increased hunger on your anti-anxiety meds? I’ve been snacking all day! #Snackattack #Anxiety #Clonazepam #PanicDisorder #Hungrymuch #Cravings

So the pic is evidence of my sweets cravings coming alive right before my eyes, it vanished before I knew it though! It’s a medley of strawberries with vanilla Greek yogurt with m&ms and almond butter on the side. Wow, I didn’t think I’d be smacked with more sweet cravings right after I had an ice cream too! I just got prescribed Klonopin (clonazepam) for my panic attacks and today is the first day I took it. I’ve never taken it before and am a little hesitant on the side effects like increased hunger, as I’m already on a medicine that causes weight gain. Anyone else have similar experience?