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Health anxiety

Hello guys, its my first time posting here.
I've #Depression , #Hypochondriasis and #Anxiety .
It's been 3 years since i was diagnosed and I'm always struggling with symptoms, they can subside for a while but they never go away. I'm used to many symptoms but it's been few months and I'm feeling very dizzy, i feel like I'm gonna fall down or I'm not walking straight and I'm gonna fall on my right side, sometimes i feel dizzy even if I'm lying down or sitting and with dizzy spells my heart also sinks. I was freaked out at first and went to neurologist he said it's just #PPPD but I'm still not used to it and with every day i freak out because of this dizziness and my vision also go blurry and light sensitive. Is it really anxiety because I'm worried, i lead a healthy lifestyle.

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I don’t mind whether I stay or go

Understandably, a lot of people are fearful of this virus. I’m scared of shopping because there are a lot of people, noise and jostling. It is sensory overload. I’m concerned for family members who may not survive the virus should they contract it, but me? I’m tired. I’m so tired. I’m good to go. If my time is up, it’s up. I’m not ashamed of these feelings, it’s just so unusual for me, having grown up as a hypochondriac, up until 3 years ago. How things can change!
#Depression #Anxiety #Selfharm #Suicide #Autism #Sensory #PTSD #Hypochondriasis


I want my power back! #Health #Anxiety #Hypochondriasis

I am so tired of living under a cloud of worry- every little ache and twinge sets my amygdala off into a panic! I want to live normally- grocery shop without fear and sweats, go about my day feeling calm. Trying so hard to come out of this spiral.


The thing about #Fibromyalgia

It causes so much health anxiety, ive been scared of so many things and still am scared of many things such as als and tumours.Of course the chance of both are unlikely but they cause so many of the same symptoms it sends me into a spiral.Sometimes i want to request a mri because i’m so scared, so has anyone experienced the same kind of worrying. #Hypochondriasis #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia


Hypochondriasis #Hypochondriasis #Hypochondria

I’ve had hypochondriasis all my life. I’m so sick of it now. And I try to find other people that struggle with it too but there’s barely anyone following these hashtags. No one on Instagram talks about it. I feel so hopeless I’m going to start cognitive behavioral therapy for it. Anyone out there struggling with it?