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Sensory overload and life

Ever wonder what it feels like when someone says oh I have sensory issues and can't handle that?

Let me explain I have a sensory processing disorder and it's severe. I also have sensory migraine and the two are intertwined and debilitating and like to bother my other complex neurological issues (currently diagnosed with FND and Tourettes). I do adapt things to help me deal with life as much as possible but it's still debilitating and I can't do a whole lot because it and I am hypersensitive meaning I am sensory avoiding so that's what I will be describing. Let's begin...

Ever been to a store and you just hear the lights buzzing above you? You hear the clothing being moved on the racks by other shoppers you can even hear their breathing? You hear their shoes and carts thump and squeek across the store's floor. The smell from each body is combined with the cleaners from the stores and the perfumes of all the candles and whatever deodorants are being used makes you want to gag. You feel the motion of your body and the world around you as you walk which threatens to make you dizzy if you move too fast. The music blasts from the speaker can combines with the chatter of what sounds like a million screaming voices but is only a few workers and other shoppers milling about around you. You reach out to touch something that caught your eye but the feell of it makes your skin crawl and itch so badly you can help but pull your hand away and scratch for a minute. You do this several more times alternating between gaging and and wanting to rip your skin of from pain and itching from the texture of most of these things you have touched. The lights flickering slightly in the corner makes your head throb and your eyes burn in pain the store really needs to fix that. Eventually you have enough and buy the things you came for and wanted (the few thing you could handle touching) and leave to finish shoping or go home and crash in a familiar environment.

Have you ever wandered why storms are so hard to handle for people like me? The loud thunder sounds feel like someone just hit me in the head with a base ball bat and my ears hurt. The lightning stings my eyes and makes my head hurt. My entire body hurts because now I'm in overload all the electronics in the house are buzzing I can hear it. It's too much. I can hear everyone's breathing and smell everyone's smell and I can't handle even the smell of myself never mind the smell of the storm it stinks. My clothes are too much and hurt my skin now I can't handle it I'm done. My entire body hurts and is buzzing and itchy and sore. It's all too much but no one can do anything all I want to do is sleep it off but I can't because it's too much.

Why you can't just hug or touch someone like me? ... It hurts it physically hurts when people or things touch me. It's not that I don't want a hug sometimes all I want is a hug but right now it's to painful to think about. It's like when you get a fresh bruise or cut and someone pokes it it hurts that's how all touch feels to me. It sucks I haven't been able to hug my parents in years.

At home it's familiar your used to the sounds and the smells and the textures of everything but certain things can still be hard. The difference in floor textures between the kitchen tiles and the rug in the living room is difficult on your feet. Your favorite pjs are ok your bed and you quickly put them on cus they hurt less then your "going out in public outfit". You have to plug in your toaster to make your safe food toast because leaving it plugged in is a waste of electricity at least that's what you tell yourself but it's too loud for you. Like the fridge is but you have to have that plugged in unfortunately even though the vibrating sound of the collinv device makes you want to explode. The water running in the piles is calming and infuriating all at the same time cus now you have to pee but you don't want your toast to burn. No TV to night it's too much but ao is a book so I guess just sitting playing a muted games on your phone would be good way to pass the time as long as it's on the lowest setting.

#SensoryProcessingDisorder #NationalSensoryAwarenessMonth #Sensory #Migrane #hypersesnsitive #sensoryavoiding


Any advice or help for helping son with #Autism #SensoryIntegration #sensoryprocessing #SuperMom

Hi I'm new here. I am a mom of two handsome boys and a stepmother to a boy and girl. Alittle about me is my youngest biological son is a smart talented and special 6 year old. He has sensory processing/integration disorder, a speech delay, developmental delay and is going through the process of seeing if he has autism as well. He is such a amazing boy who has so much energy love and compassion. He is extremely smart and grasps onto things very quickly. He is able to complete up to 200 piece puzzles without any assistance and loves doing anything educational or learning related. He is loved by anyone who comes into contact with him. He is sensitive to loud noises and can be easily over stimulated. He tends to get frustrated when he is not understood due to him not being able to produce most words or he will create his own words for stuff. For example he calls all my cats by his own names for them " mittens is mackey and max is puppup. Another example is he will call YouTube "book". He kind of made up his own language for stuff. When he has a meltdown anything and everything will set him off whether it be someone walking into same room ad him If someone talks or touches him etc. He has to be left alone so he can calm himself down and once he settles down he will comeback to playing as normal or to be with preferred person he is around. Usually is me. He has a extremely close bond with me and is very attached to me. Don't get me wrong he loves his dad but when it comes to anything he needs or loves cuddles if he gets hurt etc he's all about mom. He's like my little sidekick :)he loves to help out when I bake or cook loves school and loves to do anything hands on. Any advice to help me out that'll b great he is alot to handle especially when in middle of a meltdown wich happens often due to he is super sensitive to anything said or done near him. I love my son he's amazing wouldn't trade this experience for anything. I also have a 11year old with adhd but that's a different story. My 2 stepchildren are great helpers and are very supportive of this all. #Sensory processing disorder #SuperMom # autism #Never give up

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A different way of expressing yourself by the way a question is asked

If you have an autistic child instead of asking them how was their day try asking them how did people make them feel, when I was a child in school a teacher choked me I didn’t know it was wrong but I knew I didn’t like how it made me feel if my friend didn’t tell my dad my parents wouldn’t have known

This may not help everyone depending on the child & how they communicate their feelings but hopefully it can help someone me myself didn’t know right from wrong #Autism #Autistic #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance #Sensory #Stimming

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Anyone use a weighted blanket and have pets? #Anxiety

So I've wanted a weighted blanket for a while now but I'm paranoid that it'll somehow hurt my cats (they will get under and die or choke on bead). Does anyone have a weighted blanket and small animal?

Also any recommendations?
#Anxiety #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Autism #Depression #ADHD #Sensory


I hate feeling unsupported! #Autism

I had an issue come up tonight and needed support from my family on the West Coast. Unfortunately, my Dad insists on having the TV on at a loud volume in the background while I'm talking to my Mom until I have to hang up. I have sensory processing disorder. He doesn't know that I am on the spectrum, but he knows about my SPD and doesn't care.

This is the same Dad who is abusive and has caused me a ton of #Trauma in my life.

How do I even get him to understand my sensory issues? I am getting a #Migraine just from the stress of dealing with him.

#PTSD #Sensory #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe


Any suggestions for neutral scents? I find when I am anxious I go into scensory overload and smells are extremely bothersome. Any recs? #Sensory




#daily reflections and journal#chronic pain#chronic illnesses##Sensory overload##Distract me
Been helping a couple people this people but now feeling empty. Haven't done my happy light last few days, just too focused on others.
Self care weekend.


Homemade Fidget Link- ❤️ #Autism #MentalHealth #Sensory
This is a you tube link to make homemade fidget. (This is not my video). I am going to make one at the weekend and going to get the boyfriend to make one too hehehe xxxx
#MentalHealth #Autism #FidgetToys

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Is this Sensory Processing Disorder?

Tonight was a sensory overload... where everything feels too much, like all my brain is trying to process gets tangled and intense and I can’t stand the touch or sound or sight of anything. My skin is crawling. It feels like I can feel every bone and muscle out of line in my neck, back, ribs, hips, legs, toes and fingers. If it’s at all possible, I can feel like I feel every organ inside of my working like down to my digestive system and my brain feels like it’s swelling and pressing against the inside of my skull.. and I have a major headache. I feel like every sound is so close and so loud and just too much but the house is quiet at 4:38am. I couldn’t sit still or lay a second longer in bed because the texture of the sheets on my skin felt like glass or something grating on me. This all may seem ridiculous, but I don’t know what to do to alleviate it. I’ve never been officially diagnosed, but if this is SPD, what helps negative symptoms of sensory processing disorder? #SensoryOverload #Sensory #SensoryIssues #SensoryProcessingDisorder #SPD


Hair down while sleeping - Sensory issues #SensoryOverload #Autism #MentalHealth #Awareness

Does anyone have certain habits or routines to go to bed?
When I got to bed I have to have my hair down but I get knots. If I were my hair can not sleep at all my head has to be flat due to the autism and the sensory issues. #Autism #MentalHealth #Sensory #aware