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#discouraged #Fibromyalgia #small fiber neuropathy #Migraines #Arthritis #Endometriosis #toomanyotherissues

Received a letter stating that my disability has been denied yet again. I don't understand why this keeps happening bc there is just no way I can work....I live day to day and sometimes hour to hour bc of all the issues and pain and fatigue I deal with....guess I will just keep trying


#small STEPS.

Todays post is called small steps. Because if there is one thing I learned with having Cerebral Palsy it's that you. have to take small steps before you take the big steps.I've accomplished many firsts with my Cerebral Palsy but there are still many things that I hope to accomplish with it. My biggest thing to accomplish is to maintain my mobility because I would give anything to stay on my sticks aka my crutches.I know that one day that might not be possible for me because I know as I get older my Cerebral Palsy can worsen and I've come to accept that but I'm going to do whatever it takes for however long it takes to keep my Cerebral Palsy and mobility in check. Always remember one thing it takes a village to get from the small steps to get to the big steps and everyone has the ability to do that in their own way.


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Someone Share Something HAPPY with me cuz I am feeling a little Down

Hi All! I am relatively new here and I need some motivation and happy thoughts sent my way! One of my friends ditched me the other day and told me that, I was annoying and hasn't spoken to me since. I am taking this hard. I want to be positive and am hoping that you guys could tell me about all the happy things going on with you ❤️!!!! Happy and fun hobbies! Anything that just makes you smile 😃! Maybe music 🎶? Anything really? I just need some cheerful words!

#Anxiety #Depression #Bipolar1Disorder #BipolarDisorder #PsoriaticArthritis #Narcolepsy #Gastroparesis #small intestine bacteria overgrowth sibo #sibo #sbbo #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Undiagnosed #COVID19 #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #LivingWithPOTS #funactivities #prolactinoma #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #Migraine #SpinalStenosis #SpinalFusion #Lumbarfusion

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Woke up in a great mood

I’m working today I haven’t been able to get any hours lately which sucks but that’s not why I’m happy my wife was finally able to get me a good therapist she actually called us back within 2 hours of calling the office initially I talked with this woman for damn near an hour and she actually listened to me and it wasn’t weird at all she explained how the program worked and she had the softest most gentle calming voice I’ve ever heard I’m scheduled for the end of august but I’m also on the cancellation list #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #im not afraid of you #small victories

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#small victories

I feel like I’m in a constant battle with myself and my body. If my body isn’t trying to kill me between the bad eczema outbreaks, the CVID, the arthritis in my hips, the multiple degenerative disk in my back, and the migraines every 3-4 days it’s my bipolar rollercoaster. Even the rare times of pseudo-mania I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Having had an accident two years ago that caused some damage to the brain didn’t help any of this. But with a push from my counselor and my husband I decided to start taking sewing classes at our local quilt shop. Best decision ever! I am getting out of the house. I am making connections. And I made this cute little guy for my husband for his birthday. We call him Mr. Marvel. I’m so proud of myself and it’s been a long time since I could honestly say this and mean it.


My Daily Newspaper

#My list of 525 #small things Is reading the daily paper over coffee to wake up. Done the advent of Covid the paper delivery schedule has changed to Wed.,Fri., and the weekend edition (make that weakend). I’ve been a good egg and tried accessing it online, it just doesn’t do it for me. Partial articles with much reduced content leaves me unsatisfied. I’ve tried reading a magazine instead, it’s hard to explain....Then I considered the fact that this is a thirty year old habit! So, I’ve been checking on the busy tropic storms in the Caribbean instead. After watching “Local on the 8’s on the weather channel. I do some journaling and I’ve been trying things like going outside and working in the garden. Always weeds to pull! Since I’m disabled, I garden on a stool with wheels. It’s works for me, I’m taking advantage of a beautiful part of the day.

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Party time. #Depression #CheckInWithMe

I am quite over the Covid restrictions. I need to party. Why I would turn up to the opening of an envelope at the moment. This morning though I was able to attend a party. Miss Abigail invited me to join her for a tea party.

What little things are bringing you joy at the moment?

#COVID19 #Anxiety #Family #Gratitude #Joy #small things


Vagus Nerve

I recently rediscovered this nerve that connects from the brain to all major organs . I also have been using binaural beats.
#PTSD #autonomic nervous system disorder #sjogrens # fibromyalgia #AutonomicDysfunction #small fibre neuropathy #Stroke #HeartDisease #BrainDisorder Dysautonomia


#CPTSD #babysteps #small victories

i have cptsd and it causes me to have nightmares that end in me usually hurting myself. but i just hit a milestone cause i haven't hurt myself in 2 weeks!!!!!! literally the 1st time in like 10 years. I'm soaring right now😁😁😁 #icanbeatthis