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It’s okay to have hard days. Cry if you need to.

A gentle reminder that it’s more than okay to cry. It’s okay to have bad days too. Crying is not a sign of weakness. It shows how brave you are by letting it all out. Sometimes you have to break down in order to move forward. Everything that you are going through will get better. You are not a bad person for crying or for having a bad day. Please cry if you need to. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with crying 💙

#MentalHealth #selfcare #Crying #itsokaytocry


MS is not new to me. It’s been with me for 17 years. You’d think things would get easier and they have, but the daily struggles remain. I’m married, have 2 children and work part time in Education. I’ve always thought my relationship with my husband was solid, but this week I was faced with a WTF moment and don’t know how to come back from it. My husband out of the blue among friends says while we were all in conversation, “my wife works part time, every time I call she’s out for lunch or having coffee with her mum and we have a cleaner.” This is not true, but I do have a cleaner and I do go to my mum a lot. Now, I am not lazy by any means, in fact I do all I can to pretend I do not have this BS disease. These words have cut very deep. He is aware that I’m upset, but am unable to even look at him let alone speak to him. I can’t work full time and he knows this, I see my mum because she is my best friend and he knows this, I have a cleaner because the fatigue stops short of killing me. How do I come back from this??? #itsokaytocry #ItsNotOKMan #Sohurt


Suffering in silence #Depression #MentalHealthStigma

I have always struggled with depression, anxiety, and PTSD from my childhood. Sometimes I feel like there are people out the that glorify mental illness for other people’s sympathy, which makes me embarrassed to talk about it with people. I personally find it hard to talk about how I feel on a daily basis. I have had few people in my life that understand how the illnesses effect me. I went to a two month adventure therapy program in Costa Rica. I found out a lot about myself there. I left the healthiest physically and mentally I have ever been in my life. But then I hit the real world again. I find my self going to the bath room to cry so nobody sees my pain. I don’t want people to think I’m not as strong as I make myself. You’d never know how many times I cry in the shower or the bath room or as soon as I’m alone it all hits me. I break down. I want to talk about it but it’s always the same thing... you have everything why are you sad?... am I not good enough for you??.... you never want to do anything but lay in bed!... trust me I’ve heard it all. And it all hurts. I’ve lashed out on family to cover up how frustrated I am with myself. I throw it on the other person so they don’t notice me falling apart. And that’s horrible. It’s not good to hold everything in but if I let it it people may get the wrong impression as if they are the reason.... I don’t even know the reason. I know I’m not alone with this. It’s a day by day thing to work on and we will get there. #Depression #PTSD #Anxiety #itsokaytocry #Cantgetoutofbed #Hiding


Let it out #itsokaytocry

Sometimes you just need to let it all out. Not so that others can hear you but that so you can heal yourself. Let go all of that frustration, pain, everything that you are building up inside and let it out. My favorite poem is, “drink from the well of yourself and begin again”. Tomorrow is always a new beginning, even if you have fear that you will be in pain again, have hope that you will have enough strength to fight one more day. #Gentlehugs #Lupus #LymeDisease #Fibromyaliga #Diabetes


#itsokaytocry First time on this site, hoping I can navigate it. I know it's okay for men to cry, but I just can't open the "flood gates" and start!


I feel a lot better...

...after crying for a half an hour in my therapist’s office. Not sure what about, maybe everything, but she said she suspected it was a long time coming. In any case since it happened two days ago I have been very relaxed and things don’t bug me as much. I guess my system needed a reboot. #itsokaytocry #BipolarIIDisorder #BipolarDepression

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Hi! #itsokaytocry

Hi, my name is Ryan. I've lived with Depression and anxiety (and so much other things) for 11 years.  And I'm here to say that it's okay to cry.  In fact, I cried today at work!