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    I was wondering how often people with depression and anxiety cry? Despite being on medications that others say stopped their ability to cry since I was 23 I have pretty much cried every day once, twice and occasionally more since I was 13, I am 41 now. Although I accept it as my normal I still find it draining and embarrassing when I forget to hide it in front of others and they think something terrible happened when mostly it's nothing and just a release, or a memory. It really impacts my life and now I'm tired of constantly masking l barely socialise. #Crying

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    I am about to be abandoned. It is something that is going to happen to all of the inner circle to teach us a lesson. before coming back…

    He knows about my abandonment issues. He already emotionally distanced himself. Physical is next where he will be gone for at least a month where he won’t talk to us. So we can see what it is truly like without him, since we all took him for granted.

    I am already on the verge of panic. I will be so very alone. Everything is my fault. This is what happens when I trust people and open up. I cannot breathe.

    At least I got a warning by someone else, otherwise it would have been soooo much worse…..and it is going to be bad enough.

    He knows this is my worst fear, him leaving.

    #Abandoned #fears #alone #panic #PanicAttacks #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #FavoritePerson #Crying

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    I am so done #laststraw #Crying

    Call me whatever idc but I have had hand me downs my whole life and for the most part I was okay with that I like things that are unique ...but I have suffered so fucking much this year in general I refuse to accept this shit ...I'm done I could care less ...

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    Favorite person….I hate having one.

    Today is just a struggle day. Whether it is from the anxiety, splitting, dysthymia with a current depressive episode, adhd, binge eating, abandonment…..couldn’t sleep last night because of anxiety. The few hours I did get, when I woke up the anxiety level was still high and I just wanted to cry. Okay…I have cried a few times. Any amount of tears is crying for me, I used to be, as my family called me, “a heartless bitch.” I miss being oblivious to feelings.

    Every since my male FP gained a new female friend…I always feel in flight or fight mode. Most days I can ignore it easily., others not so much. I feel like I’m being replaced. It doesn’t mean I feel like he will abandon me, but that he is putting someone over me.

    How I was taught love, is by attention. If you have someone’s attention they love you. If not? They don’t.
    #struggleisreal #hurting #Crying #Ugh #FavoritePerson

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    My birthday just sucks

    <p>My birthday just sucks</p>
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    Woke up crying

    Wasn't even sure why I did but my cat was next to me and put her tiny paws on my face and rubbed her nose on mine. Instantly the crying stopped because I thought to myself no matter how hard things are I'm loved and thankful that we (my cat and I) found each other because we were both barely surviving and she gives me hope and I in return spoil her with love. #Crying #Cats #sad #hopeful #positive #

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    A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    Hello my friends. Yes... It is me again.

    Today i had quit my job that I was hired at about a week ago. I barely could make it through my day yesterday evening. It was quite awful because of the fact that I had stayed late, and did not get to go to sleep until closer to midnight. I struggled because I had to take #Medicine for my #Insomnia . I know how much I have been struggling for years with this disorder. The job started out kind of fun, but was lacking proper training. I realized that most employees were new, and kind of just thrown into the mix of store operations. One of the managers had a #personality clash with me. She came off very harsh, and snippy which made me so #nervous . I was #Crying about it, and could not seem to get myself out of that #worry .

    I read somewhere that those who have #BipolarDisorder also have a connection with #Insomnia . Some may have reason to believe that it has to deal with a wandering mind due to a hypomanic episode. Yet, I think they fail to understand that it is not always the reason why.

    I have a serious case of #DeathAnxiety that does not seem to go away. It has gotten better since my father had passed away, as I feel a little more comfortable with the facts that this happens to us all. However, I am still struggling. Each day that passes is another day completed of my life and I do not know when God will call me home. There is this weird feeling that I get in my chest that creates this #Weird thought process. I feel this hallowed out sensation in my chest, and I also experience a feeling like I need to whine or cry or yell "I do not want to die." Sometimes I call out for my #Dad who is no longer with me. Therefore, I noiced I have reached out to my #mom a whole lot. I #cherish the time that I have to live.

    If you have made it this far through this message, I thank you.
    I really would love a #reply .

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    Is there any help for someone on SSDI and needs a vehicle fixed?

    Hi there. I’m laying in bed crying, stressed TF out big time. I am on SSDI and unable to work due to medical reasons. I don’t get very much every month in my disability payment.

    Tonight I ended up with a flat tire. It was then I realized I barely have money to afford my basics every month. And now needing a new tire has me stressed. I also need my motor mounts replaced, new brakes, an oil change, and of course the other 3 tires as well. I don’t have the credit to pay that way. I don’t have family or friends that can help.

    I don’t know what I’m going to do. I need my vehicle to get me to appointments, medication pick ups, shopping, etc…

    Does anyone know of any help someone who’s on disability can get with these repairs? I live in Phoenix, Arizona if it helps.

    #Ssdi #Disabled #Crying #finances #Auto #MiniVan

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    It’s fine

    <p>It’s fine</p>
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