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    Got an #IUD

    Last Wednesday I had an IUD placed and I’ve been in pretty constant pain. I’ve dislocated my pinky toe before and this tops that pain. I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve called my dr 3 times today and they are so busy they haven’t called me back. I know that it’s expected to hurt, but everyone I spoke to said they stopped hurting after 2 days. It fluctuates between a 3 and peaks at probably an 8. This sucks.

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    IUD and infection warning

    Hey! I’ve finally decided to get an IUD but an nervous about the infection warnings as I am immunocompromised and prone to more intense infections. Haven’t had one in a while but they can escalate fast. Anyone have experience with this? Is this a warning to be concerned about or is the danger minimal? #autoimmune #IUD

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    pregnancy scare anxiety

    I had an IUD and would use condoms when we had one but when we didn’t he would pull out. I have had a condom break before. Today I found out my IUD had been expelled into my cervix which means I don’t even know how long it’s been displaced meaning it hasn’t been working and I have had unprotected sex. My anxiety is through the roof right now. My doctor had me take a plan B even though I had sex 4 days ago and she immediately removed the IUD. If anyone has some reassurance please comment below. I’m in college and I this is causing so much stress for me. I loved my IUD up until this point I have had it for 6 months now. #IUD #Anxiety

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    Today I went under anesthesia to get my IUD out, pap smear, and Lupron shot. I’m pissed at how they handled the timing.😡 Check-in was at 12:30pm. I wasn’t told I couldn’t eat beforehand and had a small breakfast at 8:45am. They said they needed to wait until 3pm, in case I still had food in my gut that I might aspirate on. So, I waited. 3pm rolls around and they try to put an IV in. Didn’t get it in until 4pm. At 5pm, I ask the nurse how long it’ll be. She tells me they switched 2 people into the spot I should have had, so I have to wait until they’re finished. I finally decide to go to the bathroom, and when I come out, they’re ready for me. It was roughly 5:45pm. The procedure went ok. She took a biopsy of something (and cauterized the area) that seemed suspicious. That might take a week to get the results back. I didn’t like that the nurses in the post-op area tried to help me with putting my contacts back in. Also, putting one of my shoes on when I clearly didn’t have a problem with it. The handle of my cane got damaged a bit, too. My body feels angry in other ways. Hopefully, that bodily anger and irritated feeling will go away soon. They gave me a soothing anti-nausea pack of things like crackers and ginger chews. I don’t have issues with nausea right now. Heck, I take 2 anti-nausea meds 3 times a day normally. I finally got to eat real food after. We went to It’s Greek to Me, and I got a gyro and fries. Haven’t had a gyro in a long time, and that made me feel a little better. Didn’t get home until 9pm. Didn’t expect to spend the whole day there.

    Tomorrow will be different. I have the esophagram, and check-in is at 8:30am. It’s also in Tacoma. They actually said not to eat anything beforehand. So, I’m not going to. I’ll just get up really early (Tacoma’s about an hour from home), get dressed, and then go. I’m not even having my breakfast pills. It should be an easier ‘procedure’, too. I just have to drink something and they take some sort of imaging of it. #procedure #IUD #anesthesia #Health #Cancer #Lupron #papsmear #esophagram #Dysphagia #angry

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    Had previous failed coil insertion and my anxiety is through the roof thinking about my next appt. Any tips for getting through? #IUD #Anxiety

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    Community Voices

    How long do IUDs feel this bad #Endometriosis #IUD

    TW- Endometriosis: I've had 2 surgeries and have been on 5 different hormone therapies and now I'm on an IUD (not counted in the other hormone therapies) and I'm just wondering how long I'll be in pain, all the websites vary. My endometriosis has been ruling my life and I can hardly walk when the cramps get so bad since I got this IUD, similar to my menstrual cramps.

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