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Surgery or Anesthesia Causing Acute Depressive Episode?

I have PCOS with extreme heavy bleeding- last cycle I bled 29 days in a row, medium to heavy. Month before, I developed anemia due to it. After two internal ultrasounds, my gynecologist decided that my lining was three times as thick as it should be and not thinning and suspected polyps. I had a hysteroscopy, D&C, and polypectomy today, to remove the lining buildup and they found multiple polyps. I am waiting to hear back about all that. This was done under anesthesia. The strange thing is a few hours after coming to and being home, I suddenly started experiencing a pretty heavy depression I can’t explain (no other events occurred to connect it to). Has this happened to anyone else? Is it likely the procedure and possibly hormones or is it possibly an anesthesia side effect? I don’t usually have depression, since I was much younger. Thanks!
#PolycysticOvarySyndrome #PCOS #anesthesia


Cravings after surgery?

I've never really been a sweets or candy person. I am a fan of chocolate but haven't really touched non-chocolate candy in my adult life. My preferred flavor profile leans generally toward savory.

I recently had my first surgery with anesthesia. A surprising side effect from recovery has been an intense craving for sugar. As my anesthesia was wearing off, I craved sugar so intensely I devoured a bag of red licorice I'd acquired for my son for Halloween. Had to take an antihistamine to avoid autoimmune reaction. I truly couldn't resist. Next day I made some butter mints. Ate those and made more. Now they're mocking me in the fridge ... I will be stronger than some butter and sugar.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know why this happens? What do sugar cravings mean to someone who hasn't had them before? #Fibromyaliga #Nerveblock #anesthesia #sugarcravings

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Anesthesia with EDS

I had surgery on Thursday and I don't think they took care of my body while I was under anesthesia. This wasn't my first time going under so I didn't think it was going to be a big deal. Honestly, it never occurred to me that I needed special care. I always hurt afterwards but this time it felt like I got hit by a bus and survived. I hurt EVERYWHERE, relentless pain. I always hurt, I'm always in pain but this was one of those times where your illness hits you in the face and reminds you just how bad it can get. Kind of like when you try and have a fun day or push your limits and then you pay the horrific consequences for a week. Also one of those times that makes you grateful for those "good days" where you're only at a 6 on the pain scale. Anyways, it finally dawned on me that the amount of pain I'm in is probably because I was under anesthesia and my body was positioned and moved in places it shouldn't have been. Silly me lol. You live and you learn and now I know. So this is for my fellow EDSers if you don't already know this or you haven't learned this fun lesson here is a neat lil thing I found that I will be using in the future. This only lets me post one picture so the instructions are... Print 3 copies. Give one to the doctor who will be performing the surgery, make sure they read it. Give one to the anesthesiologist, make sure they read it. And if allowed, pin one to the front of your hospital gown. Hope this helps someone avoid this post op nightmare. 💚
#EDS #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Surgery #anesthesia #ChronicPain #EDSAwareness



Today I went under anesthesia to get my IUD out, pap smear, and Lupron shot. I’m pissed at how they handled the timing.😡 Check-in was at 12:30pm. I wasn’t told I couldn’t eat beforehand and had a small breakfast at 8:45am. They said they needed to wait until 3pm, in case I still had food in my gut that I might aspirate on. So, I waited. 3pm rolls around and they try to put an IV in. Didn’t get it in until 4pm. At 5pm, I ask the nurse how long it’ll be. She tells me they switched 2 people into the spot I should have had, so I have to wait until they’re finished. I finally decide to go to the bathroom, and when I come out, they’re ready for me. It was roughly 5:45pm. The procedure went ok. She took a biopsy of something (and cauterized the area) that seemed suspicious. That might take a week to get the results back. I didn’t like that the nurses in the post-op area tried to help me with putting my contacts back in. Also, putting one of my shoes on when I clearly didn’t have a problem with it. The handle of my cane got damaged a bit, too. My body feels angry in other ways. Hopefully, that bodily anger and irritated feeling will go away soon. They gave me a soothing anti-nausea pack of things like crackers and ginger chews. I don’t have issues with nausea right now. Heck, I take 2 anti-nausea meds 3 times a day normally. I finally got to eat real food after. We went to It’s Greek to Me, and I got a gyro and fries. Haven’t had a gyro in a long time, and that made me feel a little better. Didn’t get home until 9pm. Didn’t expect to spend the whole day there.

Tomorrow will be different. I have the esophagram, and check-in is at 8:30am. It’s also in Tacoma. They actually said not to eat anything beforehand. So, I’m not going to. I’ll just get up really early (Tacoma’s about an hour from home), get dressed, and then go. I’m not even having my breakfast pills. It should be an easier ‘procedure’, too. I just have to drink something and they take some sort of imaging of it. #procedure #IUD #anesthesia #Health #Cancer #Lupron #papsmear #esophagram #Dysphagia #angry

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