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    Unpopular opinion time! #Joker

    Although I thought the movie was good, it sends the wrong message in the end! Yes it shows how the system fails him at every step. And yes it shows mental illness in a way I have only seen in mental hospitals and in myself. but the movie ultimately ends with him 1) going off his meds. 2) killing someone (hallucination or not)
    then 3) the is celebrated for it all! And before you say it yes he landed back in the hospital. But the. again he had to to be the true joker!
    As a schizophrenic being celebrated for going off your meds and giving in to your delusions is not the right message to send!!! For those of you who read this I know you probably disagree, so bring it on! I am ready to defend my statement


    erase the stigma

    “The thing about having a mental illness is people expect you to behave like you don’t” ~Arthur Fleck aka Joker #MentalIllnessAwareness #Stigma #Joker

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    So, I watched the joker movie with the love of my life for our 1 year anniversary. I had a wonderful time, And i’ll be honest.. it was super hard to watch for someone who has a mental illness, It just spoke and touched me so strongly. Some scenes triggered me and I ended up crying after the movie I tried so hard holding back my tears. This movie has so many strong messages and shows exactly how it is and how society treats us. But it overall was a really beautifully made movie. I would recommend watching it but do be careful because it can be triggering for certain people like myself. 💕 #Joker #Movie #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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    lost in my head again #Joker #lost #Loneliness #Isolation

    I'm not okay but I know I will be. Its sad that you don't understand. It hurts that you don't even try to understand. It makes me mad that I can't articulate my experience in a way that would help you better understand. I think too much and feel to little. idk I just don't know. 🙃😵

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    People Expect You to Behave Normally

    Someone made this so I didn’t have to.
    This scene almost made me cry.
    It is, as supportive as everyone is, 100% true.
    Almost everyone is supportive until your mental illness inconveniences them.
    #MentalIllness #Joker #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BipolarDepression


    Please dont watch ‘the Joker’

    I have been wanting to see it long before, when the trailers had been first released. I loved the actor from another movie, and I knew he would do amazing in this movie too. When my boyfriend offered to go see it, I thought it would be a nice change, going out, being social and stuff.

    What I had not realized, was that it was not the best choice of movie to watch in my current.. state. I sat in awe of how this man was able to visually show his pain, his sickness. That awe eventually turned into desperation and hopelessness. Watching how the world turned on this powerless man desperately in need of help, was horrifying.

    I finally broke down when there was a scene and a few people around me chuckled/laughed, while I was sitting there in absolute horror of this man committing a murderous act. I knew where these actions were coming from - it was an act of pure desperation. So as I sat around those people laughing at this poor man, it felt like they were laughing at him. At me. At us. The mad people. The people who does crazy things and cannot be understood; it’s beyond logic.

    My boyfriend noticed that I had been crying during the movie and held my hand. After the movie had ended, he asked me how I thought of the movie. I pointed to my mascara tears- covered face and replied «I think it’s a great movie, really.»



    Has anyone watched the Joker :) ? New movie 🍿 🎥 could you empathize with the character ?

    No spoilers :) but as someone who has struggled with mental health it gave such a unique perspective watching the movie today, I thought Joaquin Phoenix did a phenomenal job portraying the character, and gave a lot of light into how the joker became the way he did. #Joker #Movies #Batman
    It was super interesting psychologically analyzing or understanding all the things :). I enjoyed it