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2024 has started with a bang! 🙃

We're only half way through the FIRST month in 2024...

And I am already on steroids and antibiotics. Hospital visit. A multitude of calls to NHS 111 and my GP (General Practitioner [primary care physician]).

Now, desperately hoping meds work, so I don't have to go back to A&E (accident and emergency [ER]).

New Year, new proactive me 🤡

Asthma, said new who? Currently too tired and breathless to do anything lol.

Yehh 2024 🤪

Anyone else already 'failing' or on the road to 'failure' with resolutions?

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A new Year. A New You. A Positive You. A Happy You

May each of us find the positive in this year. Each day find the positive. It could be, as simple as, a hot soothing shower or the kindness of another person. Days can be long, but the years are short. Enjoy your time.#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #NewYear

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New year

At the end of another year and the beginning of a new one where everyone is happy and excited for new times and opportunities I feel left behind. I still struggle with everything that I did 3 days ago, I still feel like I’m never going to beat my body and become physically and mentally well. I wish I could say ‘New Year, New Me’ - to change who I am, to be rid of chronic pain, to be able to have the option to have kids if I want, to feel like I am a stable person, to wipe the slate totally clean and start again. New body, new mind, new soul. But no… same body, same mind, same soul. I have a writing to submit to here about my new year ramblings which I’m just finishing and then hopefully you can all tell me how new year feels for you! The good and the bad 🖤 #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #Endometriosis #NewYear

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New Year, New Hope #Inspiration

First off, Happy New Year! We have all survived another year and I am proud of you. I like to look at each new year as a time to renew hope. You get to start over and forge a new path. You have 365 wondrous days ahead of you. I cannot guarantee that every day will be ideal (that just isn't realistic) and I won't tell you to make resolutions either. What I will tell you is that if you survived the previous year, you are going to make it through this one. If you see each new year as a way to better yourself, to heal (if necessary) or to just live your best life then things will change for you. As for myself, there are a few goals I have for myself and I believe that setting goals will help you too. They don't have to be anything crazy. Something small, like cleaning, or going for a walk. Now is your chance to shine and show yourself and the world what you can do. You are braver, stronger and smarter than you give yourself credit for. If you are in a crisis situation, please reach out immediately. If you are an abusive situation, please seek help. You deserve the best as do I. Never lose hope, I know this year will challenge us, just like past years have but instead of worrying about that, look back on all you have accomplished. Be proud of yourself and show yourself some grace when necessary. You deserve it. Though I can't promise much, I do promise that I believe in each of you. Happy wishes for the new year Mighties. You got this!

#Abuse #SexualAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #Inspiration #Hope #Healing #help #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #NewYear #Health #abusesurvivior #MightyTogether

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