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A new episode of The Mighty Podcast!? 🔎 Going More Than Skin Deep

For being the body’s largest organ, skin conditions sure do have a mixed reputation. (Insert joke here about them being flaky.) In this episode of The Mighty Podcast, host Ashley (hey that's me!) gets under the skin (well, metaphorically) of guests @camararollin, @chronicallymeh, @skyeg, and Katia to talk about their respective skin conditions.

While they do discuss the physical symptoms of their diagnoses — #Eczema , #Rosacea , #Acne , and #KeratosisPilaris — they also dive into how those conditions impact their mental health as well as their relationships with the skin they’re in.

Come for the validation, stay for Shruti and Katia’s incredibly detailed masterclass in skin care 101.

New episodes of The Mighty Podcast coming to you monthly! What topic do you want us to dive into?

P.S. A transcript of the episode is available here:

#ChronicIllness #skinconditions #Psoriasis

Going More Than Skin Deep

Our guests discuss the physical (and mental health) symptoms of skin conditions as well as their relationships with the skin they’re in.
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Just can't win

I've had acne for probably over 15 years now. When I was a teenager, I was mortified of the way my back looked. That finally got better, but in my early twenties my face got really bad. I tried every medication, cream, pill, lotion, face wash, everything and nothing made it better. Last year I went to my dermatologist and said that I wanted to do accutane. I took it for six months last year, finishing up in late October. My skin was perfect. Yes I still had eczema and dryness on other parts of my body, but my face was perfect. Fast forward to February and my face blows up, but only on my cheeks. My dermatologist said it was Keratosis Pilaris. I've been using a retinol cream, the best moisturizers and face washes and it just seems to be getting worse. I am absolutely devastated. My skin is something that I fought with for so long, and last year was absolute hell on the accutane, but I pushed through the muscle and bone pain, peeling lips, extreme dryness, depression because I knew that it would be worth it in the end and that I would most likely never have acne again. And now I just want to cry everytime I look in the mirror.



Do you have skin issues w/ your #Fibromyalgia ? What helps?

I have #KeratosisPilaris along w/ sensitive skin. I have moles that changed and feel like there’s a little lump or bump there. That can move somewhat or roll. They can itch, burn, and annoy me throughout the day. I itch or rub them without noticing. I started not healing well over a decade ago. It’s embarrassing.
When I shave, it’s as if my hair follicles can bleed. I hate shaving even more now.
I am fair skinned, so changes in temperature make me flush.
Has anything helped any issues you have?