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    This may seem a bit unrelated to mental health but i know for me and many people it has a severe affect on our happiness. The last few years my acne basically controls my mood, if it flares up it leaves me deeply depressed and considering s*icide. Has anybody ever tried accutane and has it worked? what kind of side affects did you experience? #Depression #Acne #ChronicDepression

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    My Sensitive Skin Friends, I Need Your Advice!

    I've been struggling with acne and extraordinarily dry and sensitive skin for as long as I can remember. I feel like I've tried every treatment, cream, and dermatologist's suggestion in the book, but nothing has made me feel confident in my skin. As I'm sure all too many of you know firsthand, having EDS can make our skin pretty difficult to deal with. I'm tired of the trial and error, only to have allergic reactions and rashes appear due to an ingredient in a product (I'm looking at you, hyaluronic acid).

    So, my stretchy and sensitive-skinned friends, I'm turning to you:

    ✨What is your favorite way to care for your skin?

    ✨What routines and products have worked for you?

    I'm looking forward to reading your suggestions!

    #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #CheckInWithMe #TheBendyBunch #HSD #Rosacea #Psoriasis #Acne #Eczema #Dermatitis


    skin problems

    since being on my medication for a year i have awful acne on my back and upper arms
    anybody else have this problem?
    #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #Bipolar1Disorder #Depression #Acne #BipolarDepression

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    Do you have severe acne or cysts?

    Do you have severe facial acne or scarring, a facial birthmark or tumor, or deformity on the face or head? Are you in pain or discomfort? Did some type of accident cause facial disfigurement?

    A medical TV show featuring world-class doctors could offer you treatment, including a life-changing surgical solution.

    If you are aware of an individual in the United States 18+ that needs facial reconstructive surgery, or is the middle of a reconstructive surgery process, perhaps due to an accident please let us know and perhaps we can offer them help on our show.

    FOR MORE INFORMATION DM me, or Send an email to Attn: HW * please attach a photo.



    Prednisone Side Effects 60mg daily?#MoonFace #weightgain #Acne

    I am so anxious to know what I am in for by taking #60mg total of Prednisone daily. How much #Sodium should I limit myself to? Thank you so much 😊


    Steroids and Acne

    Does anyone else get acne from steroids? What do you do to counteract it? I never had acne before, an occasional spot around my time of the month but never acne. I started getting steroid injections for my back so I can function and I have developed severe acne, acne vulgaris. I have been off the steroids due to Covid shutting down regular services but I have an appointment next week to restart (and discuss more options). I was on a high dose twice a day of antibiotics which helped the acne but not my body. I switched to spironolactone a couple months ago which has helped me in so many ways. I’m concerned I’m going to get bad all over again. Has anyone had this happen and what did you do to help? #Steroidssuck #BackPain #Acne #acnevulgaris #Steroids #PainManagement #hypermobilityspectrumdisorder


    Acne or Severe Pain #Acne #Endometriosis #PolycysticOvarySyndrome

    I am experiencing horrible acne on my cheeks and chin because of my hormones. I've been on the pill since I was 19 and this year I learned I had endometriosis so they changed my pill to a mini pill. It was great at first. I had no periods meaning no pain at all but now I have really bad acne. It's affecting my self confidence. I hate looking at myself in the mirror and now I'm starting to pick my skin raw. So, do I pick pain over acne?


    I feel so #bad whene I look at myself in the mirror that at times it’s just hard to bear. I have stayed home for too long because of quarantine that now going out just feels weird. I have put on a lot of weight. I have #scar and #Acne . It just doesn’t feel right anymore. I have #BingeEatingDisorder and I suffer from #Anxiety . I just feel like peeling my fat out. I have tried diets and nothing works out. I need to get of this toxic environment. There is so much stress. I stress about gaining weight. I get anxious about the fact that I will remain the same forever. I am ugly. I have a scar on my head. Fat all over and I eat too much. I have tried gyming and i drop it within few days of joining.


    #wellbutrin sideffects?

    Today was day 1 of upping my Wellbutrin dose from 150 XL to 300 XL. I have ZERO energy or motivation. I took it for help with ADHD and I was so scatter brain today more than usual. I feel super numb, not happy, but not sad. I’m also really freaking out because I realized I got 3 painful pimples all within a week. The cystic kind that are deep and painful. I didn’t think anything of it until now that I’ve been on Bupropion for week 3. My skin was clear and I’ve struggled with acne for most of my adult life (I’m 29) but nothing extreme, just the constant flow of pimples. Should I be worried that it’ll get worse and will energy shift?!?!? I’m really stressed about the acne part and especially since it’s not even helping me focus today. #wellbutrin #Acne #wellbutrinsideeffects #ADHD #adhdinattentive


    #Sertraline has changed my life in more ways than expected. It cured my #Acne

    I suffered with oily skin - REALLY oily skin. My face looked wet all of the time. Not only that but I've always had spots, lots of them. In the mornings I would wake up and have to scrub the whiteheads away that had appeared during the night. My make-up always clogged up and separated. But, I got used to it and came to appriciate that i was constantly 'glowy' when the spots weren't too obvious.

    Then I was prescribed sertraline (for depression and anxiety) and my skin did a complete 360. I now have combination skin but closer to 'normal' and I never break out or have spots ATALL.