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    #knitting #yarn storage and organization

    Just thinking about working in the #yarnstash tomorrow to organize the mini mess. How do you organize your stash #knitting #storage #craftspace

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    #YuleTide #crafting

    #knitting #HolidayYarn I treated myself yesterday to what was left in the store/display. I usually make scarves either 24 or 32 stitches.

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    Thank you, covid 😡😡😡😡

    This is the first sock I ‘ve started & plan to finish since 2019. I had to use youtube to start my sock. I used to use it all the time. #firstcaston #socks #knitting #startingtorelax #Fibro #Diabetes #chronicvertigo #MDD #finishingallthewips

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    Things I do well

    I am a good listener (especially when I have my hearing aids on .
    My teen/adult children trust me with their thoughts.
    I am a halfway ok wife. Steve deserves better, but I make myself go farther than I ever thought possible for him & he does the same for me.
    I am a great knitter.
    #Positivity #Depression #Godgetsmethruit #teentrust #knitting #Marriage #goodmarriage

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    Creativity is my sanity

    I was reading through quite a few posts tonight and trying to see where I fit. I have multiple chronic illnesses. I have often said, fibromyalgia won’t kill you, but there are days you wish it would. 🙁 when I’ve had multiple days in a row of pain, depression, and all kinds of being not so fine, I always realize that I haven’t been creative in a while. Lately I’ve been painting my furniture. This one table spoke to me and I just had to zentangle it. When I zentangle my mind disengages from the pain, depression,
    anxiety. It relaxes me so completely that I feel sleepy after a session. And I’m an insomniac! #knitting #crochet # embroidery #jewelry #cardmaking #Zentangle
    #Fibromyalgia #sjogrens #Diabetes #HashimotosDisease #BreastCancer #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD

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    A way to show support when you can’t be there

    In 2015, my whole life changed when I met my love. We were blissfully happy for about a year and a half. To the point where our friends would ask us “What’s your secret for being so in love?” Yep, we were THAT couple. Fast forward to now, where there has been a broken engagement, a shit-ton of hurt feelings, resentment, betrayal, and pain. And still so much love. We are not together due in large part to my C-PTSD and unaddressed/unhealed trauma that contributed to me acting in the most rash and incredibly hurtful ways. But, still... the love, we both have said countless times that we’ve never loved or been loved like this before. And we keep finding ourselves back together. And then back apart.

    Right now, his mom is in the final, cruel stages of Alzheimer’s. And I have all this emotion, this desire to care for, nurture, and soothe him. But he is not open to communication. So, I knit. I am creating a “Safe Harbor” shawl for his mom who I was lucky enough to meet before the disease began to ravage her mind and body. Her laughter, her joy in her children, her love of the water. So, I knit for her, I knit for him. In the deep turquoise color she loves, I knit my love and compassion, my sadness and my tears, my prayers for peace and grace. May they be heard. 🧶 #knitting #loveletter #CPTSDinrelationships #AlzheimersDisease #Grace

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    Greek key blanket panel

    This is great fun to do, even if it is going a long time to finish. Any one else have unfinished favourites? #knitting #distraction #Mindfulness

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    Back to the needles #knitting #RheumatoidArthritis

    Trying to keep my fingers moving to help with the stiffness from rheumatoid arthritis that recently came to join my long list of diagnoses. It had been 7 months since I picked up any knitting and it feels amazing to be creating in this way again. I can actually get at least 30 min at a time before the pain gets to hard to handle.