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    Connected Trauma Memories

    Whenever I think of a place I've been or a place I'd like to revisit I become overcome with sadness and anxiety. Sometimes the anxiety is so bad that I get triggered (where I struggle to breathe). For example, there is a theatre that I like to go to that I used to go to with my family. I would like to revisit it but I'm also afraid of getting triggered in public.

    Through therapy I have found out that it is not the places that I am avoiding. It's the memories associated with those places. Even if I just see pictures of certain places my mind and emotions start to spiral. I so badly want to do a lot of things but now being aware that my family (who abused me) took me to those places makes it really hard. The times that weren't so bad in between the abusive times were times when we would go out and do stuff.

    How do I overcome my fear of being triggered in public if I do decide to visit these places? In therapy we have talked about ways to stop the emotional spiraling but it still happens. I guess I should just let it happen sometimes. Thanks for reading. I believe in all of you.

    #Childhoodtrauma #PTSD #SexualAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #Trauma #triggers #Memories #Family

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    Any other empty nesters/former pet parents out there?

    Going through and organizing old papers including ones from my kid's childhood and my fur babies up in heaven. It's amazing how much you love and appreciate them after they have "moved on". It's amazing how their place in your heart is imprinted for life (and in my case, on my fingers). I love and miss my bio and my fur babies🙍🏻🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ #kid #Cat #Cats #Bittersweet #Memories #organization

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    I don’t feel like I did enough this year

    Looking back at what I’ve accomplished in #Therapy this year, I feel like it’s not been enough. I know it’s not been my fault , and part of why I feel this way is because I was #flooded with #Memories in the last month so of course it’s going to feel that way.

    Can anyone relate? #PTSD #PanicAttacks #MajorDepression

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    This is a rough season

    This is my first Christmas without my Mom. I miss her so much; but my mind is free to remember all the happiness and fun she and my Dad gave our whole family at Christmastime.

    I’m so lucky to have good memories!
    #Christmas #Memories #Parents

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    Things could have turned out completely differently and this makes me so dizzy.

    So many stuff my mind's showing me at the moment.

    I am here by chance.

    I did nothing to come here; just went with the flow; I built nothing to come where I am now.

    If it wasn't for all the people I would have been still eleven.

    I feel like my youth years just went without me really living them. Now I should be an adult, but I haven't lived what was supposed to come before (or - I lived it while being tossed around).

    There's so many stuff I can't do now.

    I just wish I had more friends and more stability.

    I really wish I had the time between one people and the other to take a break and find my balance and myself within all the confusion.

    I am consistenceless; I'm based on void.

    [makes me a bit scared]

    Wondering what I'm doing next. Let's see.


    #Photography #landscape #Autumn #Memories #past #Present #future #Life

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    Beautiful Children

    Does anyone else, who finds it difficult to make memories 'the traditional way' with their children (eg too unwell to run around with, go on holidays or go on days out) find it really upsetting to watch them grow up?
    when you haven't been able to make the same memories as everybody else?

    Or feel like you have been robbed of being a traditional parent, and being able to enjoy their preschool years at home together, because as you were too ill to fully embrace this special time?

    My youngest has just started school properly after reception (kindergarten) and the past 3 years I've not been able to make memories with him in the way that I did with my elder son (12) before i fell ill 3 years ago.

    He was my little man and we did everything together.

    Now I realise 3 years has been lost and wasted to bedbound illness and suddenly my baby is no longer a baby like before, he is almost 6. Though we cuddle and play quietly often, I feel heartbroken and sad ill never be able to 'redo' those special times.

    Can anyone relate? As im struggling to move on from this

    Any advice very much appreciated, love Grace

    #Children #Family #Love #Memories #sad #mummy #ChronicIllness #CFS #ME #UCTD #longcovid #Parents



    I have always had very vivid dreams and nightmares. They wake me up and usually I am replaying something that happened in the past. An event. A person from past times. I sometimes can look back on the previous day and find a link, but most of the time the memories are there for no reason I can figure out. #PTSD #dreams #Memories #Dementia

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    Miss you Daddy

    #Grief #FamilyAndFriends #Memories #Love #Death

    My 36th Birthday! It was 2 years ago he passed away and I'm thankful that he was/is my dad!


    I have been struggling today because I remembered something I suppressed during an early morning flashback on the way to work. Any advice on how to process this new memory of the trauma? #PTSDSupportAndRecovery #MentalHealth #Memories #AssaultSurvivors #SexualAbuseSurvivors


    My daughter punished herself

    When she was 2 years old and time outs didn't work, she was born with attitude and bless her heart I'm so glad , cause she can handle herself being a single mom. Any who, I would put her in the corner for 2 minutes (pure hell for me, lol) One afternoon I ran down to the cellar to grab the laundry and I couldn't find her. I was gone not even 2 minutes. I'm freaking out yelling her name and calmly I hear her faint voice say to me "Momma, Sarah was BAD" she had put herself in the corner! To this day I have no idea what she did cause I had to run out of the room before I burst out laughing!#MakeMeLaugh #funny #Children #Memories #smile #smile