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Mighty Virtual Events: Tuesday, 5/18/21!

Join our nonprofit partner, Kreative On Purpose, to learn about the great things they are up to at 9am PT / 12pm ET:

If your mental health has been impacted by self-talk, join this talk at 4pm PT / 7pm ET:

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Feeling My Feelings

Hey Mighties! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been super busy and have some exciting news to share. In addition to my role at The Mighty, I’ve been building a nonprofit for women and girls who are struggling in areas like self-esteem, self-belief, self-respect and self-care, which happens to be the core values of my nonprofit. Kreative On Purpose has many layers to it but overall it helps you to discover creative ways of attaining and maintaining mental wellness. Anyhow, I’m in my feelings today because there was a moment when I heard that voice that tells me I can’t handle it. The negative self-talk that tries to convince me that I’m not good enough, maybe you can relate. I don’t have a problem admitting my struggles, challenges or defeats because I’m not perfect. I don’t portray to be. Well, I told that negative self-talk to f*ck off because there are women and girls out there who need authentic guidance, honest feedback and lived experience they can relate to. So, here I am. And, Kreative On Purpose is ready to serve. I am too! Look us up here on The Mighty and other platforms. Thanks for always being here to have a space for us to vent a bit. Sending light and love to you! #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #Peersupport #KreativeOnPurpose


Happy New Year

Humbled by a very trying previous year, I come to extend greetings of a Happy New Year to all. If YOU have entered this new year on a not so happy note, overwhelmed by your current circumstances, then I am speaking to YOU. I can surely relate to the feeling of a new year not so big of a deal or here comes a new year with the same ole shit. After learning more of myself and others, those feelings are to be acknowledged too. Why do YOU feel so unhappy? Hopeless? “Null & Void?” My question to YOU is who says that YOU can’t find calmness, peace and hope within YOURSELF or a passion or hobby? Tell YOURSELF YOU CAN. THEN LEARN HOW TO DO SO. REMAIN PRACTICAL AND REALISTIC. And YOU SHALL. YOU CAN. YOU WILL. A new year is here and that is a fact. It can not be denied. It’s up to YOU to determine if it will be a happy one or not. No one can decide that for YOU. YOU AND GOD have to work that out. Will YOU allow YOURSELF to become hopeful, faithful and confident? I pray YOU find that personalized comfort fit to exceed your expectations of the new year. Claim it and make it a Happy New Year. This is OUR year! #youarenotalone
#MightyTogether #ConfidentCoach #SocialAnxiety #Anxiety #Depression #KreativeOnPurpose