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Felt so tired and lazy today

I have just been feeling so tired and lazy today. All I managed to do was log on to a virtual meeting online. Other than that, I haven’t been doing anything. I am in Bermuda and it is meant to be raining all week, according to the weather report, so perhaps that has something to do with it.


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What does your lazy days look like?

Man oh man!! I had an awesome Christmas with my family!! Holidays are a major reason why we get into a flareup!
I was so busy and I was in so much pain!! Sneaking in the bathroom to have a few cry sessions!! Man was I so happy to be in my bed at the end of the night and that is where I stayed until Sunday afternoon!!
My lazy days I plan ahead when I know I am going to need it!!
I am surrounded by my pillows, heated blanket and two other blankets, room cooled so I can stay cozy in my bed! The warmth of my heated blanket help with the aching!! Got a punch of my favorite movies playing all day, lots of sleeping! I get up to eat and go potty! My family wants anything, they help themselves!! I usually end it with a hot candle light bath!! Then right back to bed!!
Next day I sleep in but if I stay in bed, I just become really stiff. So I just do light things and take it easy! Get my body moving! Still sore but manageable, so I made dinner, took the dogs for a small walk!
My lazy days are really needed especially after busy days like that!
Hopefully you all had a wonderful Christmas!!
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #holidayflareup #lazyday

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#itcanwait #healthmatters #BipolarDisorder #Endometriosis

I am new to this and am hoping this will give me a release where I can meet new people and share my day to day activities for anyone who is struggling. Today I did a kids YouTube workout (nearly killed me) I currently have endo pain and after being on a bit of a high this morning my mood plummeted hence the washing up. When I am ill mentally all I care about is cleaning but today I thought f**k it..IT CAN WAIT..remember don’t be so hard on yourselves ❤️ #lazyday #restmymind #restmybody #beamum