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Bi or bye??

So yesterday I got drunk with a straight female friend.
She is always joking that she wants me to go down on her (even when she is sober) as she knows I'm bi-sexual..

She is my only female friend in this city (as I had to flee my home city and start over) well it's complex because I do think she is attractive but I value her more as a friend than I would like to be her 'experiment'

I'm 33 have Always been bi-sexual yet I've only slept with 3 women and most have them weren't really that into women.. I really would love to experience being with a woman who is actually into women!!

I got raped 8 months ago and haven't wanted sexual contact since (with anyone!)
I'm only just starting to feel attracted to people again..
I still don't feel safe with new men and don't know if I will be able to again!

So last night when we were drinking my straight friend kissed me, I kissed her back. It was intense, she pulled away when she started to feel something.

She has admitted that she fell in love with her best female friend when she was a teenager..
so maybe she is bi-sexual but has just never been with a woman?
Or maybe it's that same thing again and I'm going to start to develop feelings for a straight woman..
or worse we will sleep together and it will ruin our friendship!
I don't know what to do??

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