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Good Days Do Happen! #GodisGood

Today has been a good day. It was peaceful and I got some much needed rest. I feel like I am in a good place for the first time ina long time. I have stepped down at work so work is less stressful. I no longer will work Fridays so only four days a week. I have been intentional about self care and Bible study and prayer. I have been talking with and spending more time with friends. It is all just good. Don’t get me wrong...I still struggle but I have finally accepted my new normal and am going to enjoy as much of life as I possibly can. #Migraine #Sarcoidosis #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #LetGodAndLetGod


I don't even know where to begin with this but my fiance and I found out today that I miscarried. It really sucks because it was planned and something we both were very excited about. I understand that it wasn't my fault. I initially wanted to crawl into bed, close the blinds and sleep all day or just cry. But then I realized I have two little ones who need their Mama still and distancing myself from my family isn't going to make things any better. I am determined to overcome this in a healthy way. I myself believe in God and I believe he has a plan for us. I pray that sometime in the near future he will bless us with a healthy pregnancy. It just wasn't meant to be right bow and sometimes as much as it hurts, that's okay. Life still goes on. #Miscarriage #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #CPTSD #stayingpositive #Depression #Anxiety #LetGodAndLetGod #Healing