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Insomnia strikes again!

Up at midnight and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Figured I might as well be productive, one thing I’ve managed to adapt to my pain isssues is my beauty routine/hobbies. So I dyed my hair, soaked my achy back in a hot shower, did my makeup, and made a cup of tea with extra extra raw honey to soothe my oral lichen planus outbreak. No, I don’t have anywhere to be today, I just do this for me. From the neck down, I look like a slob lol 😝 #FakeItTilYouMakeIt #orallichenplanus #LichenPlanus #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #ChronicMigraines #Insomnia


Newly Diagnosed #Fibromyalgia

I have had severe lichen planus, cutaneous sarcoid, papular dermatitis and pioderma gangrenosum for years now and ramptant osteoarthritis - all which I have learned to live with - no other choice but for the last year or so I had no idea why I was always so tired, waking up in pain and exhausted, struggling just to do the most menial things - just having a shower and getting dressed to go to work made me want to go back to bed, dragging myself around and then I started even nodding off at my desk at work - not good - had problems with medication side effects - things getting worse and in February this year had a week off due to side effects from new meds and just totally lost it - my doctor and my best friend (a nursing sister) said enough- you need to stop work for your own health so I did - hardest thing I ever had to do after working full time for 50 years. But the symptoms continued but thanks to a brilliant doctor who said I was too "sensitive to touch" and referred me to a Rheumatologist, I justfound out last week I have Fibromyalgia.  At least I know now what it is - I have a name for the constant pain, exhaustion, brain fog, tremors etc.  Now I am waiting for be considered for disability - so now we wait.