I’ve been having a very, very hard time lately. Six months ago I almost died in a serious car accident. I survived, but suffered a TBI, a few broken bones, and other injuries.

The depression I’m experiencing now is overwhelming. I have a high level of anxiety being around my family. So much so, that I stay in my room and cry when they are all here. Which is very often.

In addition to the physical pain that I have because of the bodily and brain injuries, I am feeling an overwhelming emotional pain. Anxiety attacks also lead to tears. The depression makes it hard to do anything. As such, I’m staying in bed a whole lot. My body is starting to hurt. I feel like this is from the emotional pain but also from the lack of movement.

Does anyone have any ideas or strategies for moving my body even a little bit? I tried to do yoga today and it had me crumpled on the floor in tears. How can I motivate myself to gently move for the sake of my whole body health? #TraumaticBrainInjury #Depression

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