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Meditation Anyone?

I use meditation to help with my pain and stress but does anyone else? And does it help you? Do you use YouTube, Calm, or something else? Just curious 🧐 #ChronicPain #Meditation #Depression #Livingwithpain

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Physical pain from depression

I’ve been having a very, very hard time lately. Six months ago I almost died in a serious car accident. I survived, but suffered a TBI, a few broken bones, and other injuries.

The depression I’m experiencing now is overwhelming. I have a high level of anxiety being around my family. So much so, that I stay in my room and cry when they are all here. Which is very often.

In addition to the physical pain that I have because of the bodily and brain injuries, I am feeling an overwhelming emotional pain. Anxiety attacks also lead to tears. The depression makes it hard to do anything. As such, I’m staying in bed a whole lot. My body is starting to hurt. I feel like this is from the emotional pain but also from the lack of movement.

Does anyone have any ideas or strategies for moving my body even a little bit? I tried to do yoga today and it had me crumpled on the floor in tears. How can I motivate myself to gently move for the sake of my whole body health? #TraumaticBrainInjury #Depression

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Amazing You #Amazingyou #fibromyagia #Livingwithpain #Dismayedyethopeful #fibrowarrior

Remember Fibro Warriors we are some of the most strong, beautiful, faithful people alive! Yeah, life with Fibro makes us feel anything but those things a lot of the time, yet here we are breathing in, breathing out. And that's why we're strong, beautiful, and faithful! Is that enough? Yup! Today that's enough. It'll be true for tomorrow too, but I may also try washing my hair.