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June 1993 I suffered a traumatic brain injury complete with a helicopter ride to the hospital unconscious and unable to enjoy the ride out of the mountain to Denver.
June 2024 I suffered a stroke and get a surgical procedure in three week to clean out my right carotid artery at which time the Dr. will decide of the left side carotid needs cleaned out as well at a later date. His current guess as of this morning it will not need to be done, lucky me. So now I am seeing how this app works. At least I will be back to Sky Ridge Hospital which has tasty #BreakfastBurritos but not to the point of being a fair trade off. I like to #Workout an hour a day to avoid a big belly and am at least winning that battle.

What did I do to deserve this second dose of OT, PT, AND Speech therapies? They even said they took my drivers license again, oh joy… #OccupationalTherapy #PhysicalTherapy #SpeechTherapy #BrainInjury #Stroke #sucks I am not bitter, I just want to know why me again
Brownie points to the person who knows where the app screenshot came from

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My brain injury kept giving

What can I say? It took me 4 days to be brave enough to able to share
recent life experience here in Lone Tree, Colorado. My life took a serious turn for the worse and I’m not having any fun. Wishing I could be outside and play-but no. Instead I have heavy track marks on my arms from a few billion ivs.
I went head to head with a #Stroke but I’m too stubborn to let it win when it teamed up with my #TBI to double my fun. The experience damn near killed me. Good thing I have a great night nurse from Tibet that has a my back totally #grateful for her awesome care and a breakfast burrito with green chili to get and keep me fired up.
Getting tired waiting for my sleep medication to be delivered tonight after 3 to 6hours of butt kicking therapy a day. This morning I had to stand on a ball that looks like the planet Saturn to balance on while playing catch with a beach ball without crashing. Kinda impressed my 63 year old brain but don’t tell my PT, ST. and Ot team or they will up the ante. I need video of this stupid human trick to show off my lost talent. Have a great day.


I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Bluekirby. I'm here because I had a brain injury with multiple complications back in 2007 that's unfortunately left me very physically disabled. ><

#MightyTogether #Anxiety

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is SAL2024. I'm here because I want to shine a light on invisible illnesses including #ChronicPain and people #BrainInjury and learn from others with a lived experience and their recovery journey

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Words Fail Me, Great Changes Await. Would Welcome Your Insight Please

Most of my posts are centered more around sharing a part of an issue I might be having, yet with an uplifting spin. Now though after weeks of numerous albeit appreciated Dr appts, I'm physically and a bit emotionally compromised.

🚨Possible Trigger Warning:
I just got some great news that I'll be able to receive Blepharoplasty and brow shelf lift surgery to help ease the effects from head injuries which I suffered 8 yrs ago due to an IPV-related assault. I'm still getting used to the idea that I've been graced with such a gift. For the couple of years after the incident it was nearly impossible for me to look in the mirror due to the disfigurement he caused, both physically and psychologically.

I've worked extremely hard at healing from all aspects of this part of my history. Now what I'm facing is rewiring my circuitry. I'll need to prepare what I hope will be for me, wonderful experiences in getting comfortable socially all over again. This is a daunting task, as one burdened with so many disabling challenges.

🤔 What are your thoughts on how I might focus in mindfulness and reintroducing myself into daily routines as essentially a new person? I know that I'll not be new on the inside, but my psyche will feel that way.

I remain consistent with other VA providers such as mental health therapy, and will be sharing this news with them. Until I can get in for an appt, I wanted to share to the group and seek helpful feedback as you feel comfortable.

Thanks and 🧠 Survive To Thrive 🕊

#MightyTogether #BrainInjury #MentalHealth #ADHD #Anxiety
#Trauma #Depression
#PostconcussionSyndrome #ChronicVestibularMigraine #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder
#ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #Osteoarthritis

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It's Often Difficult To Express Yourself When You're In A Flare With Conditions Surrounding A Brain Injury 🧠

It seems as if my posts lately haven't met with the approval of the editors, though I've really been struggling and have needed support. After a stretch of silence, I have for a few days now attempted to reach out to this community #MightyTogether for strength and support. This is the first time in the nearly two months I've been on this platform, where I've run into this issue.

I've been experiencing some serious pain flares and have been given the news that I'll be receiving a very helpful surgery. I get the impression that it's better if we don't reference what caused our illnesses. Even though we deal with #MentalHealth issues here as if an issue we're dealing with is causing us great distress and it deals with IPV or #Trauma in the home, we're to keep it to ourselves, right?


#PostconcussionSyndrome #ChronicVestibularMigraine

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Making A Statement

Hi everyone, I wanted to share an important press conference I was so grateful to be apart of. It was regarding my personal heath journey, and speaking out about the difficulties with health insurance. I wanted to speak out publicly for everyone who’s enduring this battle and to know you are not alone! Please watch
#Grief #Depression #BrainInjury #SpinalCordInjury #AlopeciaAreata #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Addiction #ChronicIllness #JointHypermobilitySyndrome #ChronicFatigue #Loneliness #MightyTogether

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