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    × " A Letter To My Feuture Partner Or S.O. " ×#Thing 'sToKnow#list

    × " Dear, Feuture.... Someone.. I'am Unique... And An INTROVERT With... Alot Of Physical × Mental Health Disabilitie's... I Would Like You To Know That I'm Very Different Than Other Women... It Will Take Time For Me To Be Fully Open With You... I May Take Time To Become " Intimate " With You No Rushing!! Please.. I'm " NOT " Your Energizer Bunny... You Cannot Request Getting Laid Whenever You Please... I'm A Cautious Person When I Plan Or Do Thing's... I'm A Homebody... If I Want To Travel Or Do Something.. Then I Will Tag Along... Boundrie's × Prioritie's Are A Huge Must With Me.. Please R.E.S.P.E.C.T Them At All Time... I'm Not Big On Smooothering I Don't Like It... I Need My Alone Time... I'm Also Very Easy To Please... So Don't Worry About Expensive Gift's Etc... I Have " Learning Disabilitie's " Please Be Super Patient With Me... I Easy Forget Thing's... I Can't Hear Well.... I Have A Big Pure Honest Heart.... I'm Kind × Helpful... I Have A Sense Of Humor Funny And Sometime's Dark And Dry... I Deal With Chronic Pain... Depression... Anxiety... I Was Born With Cerebral Palsy... But I'am Still A Human Being... No Matter What... " × Sincerly, ☆▪︎☆ S.K. ☆▪︎☆#list #Letter

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Self Care Struggle

    <p>Self Care Struggle</p>
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    Things that give me joy #list

    I have lost so much interest in daily life. So, this is a thought process I had last night to remind myself of the things that make me happy
    My cat
    The smell of a cabin
    The smell of the woods in the morning
    Bare feet on dirt
    Mountain water
    Car rides with loud music
    Speakers at concerts
    Hang Seshs
    Late night Claremont runs
    Finding a new song/adding it to a new playlist
    Waking up next to Adam
    Being appreciated
    The Grateful Dead
    Writing things down
    Making lists
    Feeling organized
    The co op
    Feeling accomplished
    Feeling compassion for others
    Having a purpose
    Being vegetarian
    Eating healthy
    Collecting cameras
    Being wrapped in blankets
    Farmers markets
    Wishful thinking
    Long walks to places worth the wait
    Late nights with friends
    Listening to music that brings back good memories
    Having a clear head
    Having goals
    Planning tattoos
    Making rooms and characters in games
    Watching Jenna marbles
    Food videos
    Feeling good about myself
    A good lewk
    Purple mountains
    Downers four corners
    Making people smile
    Showing appreciation
    The color yellow
    Tye dye
    The smell of patchouli
    Wall blankets
    Fuzzy blankets
    The color pink
    High heels
    Oversized hoodies
    Waking up before the alarm goes off
    The smell of libraries
    Being read to
    Bubble baths
    Long shirts
    High socks

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    List 2/19

    Got up, meds, preworkout drink, did my computer checking.
    40mins stationary bike and 20mins yoga then a 10 egg monster quiche with hemp paste, almond meal, and spinach filling and bacon flavoring with vegan cheese on top. Brewed and drank several cups of coffee.
    Bathed my emotional support animal (Oruos the bearded dragon) and fed him.
    Did a load of dish towels
    Did a bunch of messaging online and trying ot raise funds for business venture, while on a under desk elliptical.
    Cooked lunch for myself and the business next door, and tried experimenting with 3 new types of gluten and grain free low carb breads.
    Finally was able to ENJOY a game without depression, and played a hour while on a stationary bike in the living room.
    Took more meds and went back to messaging and typing out emails to people while on a elliptical.
    Vacuumed the house while doing lunges then worked out and yoga 20mins,
    Ate a huge blended shake of bakery mishaps and protein powders....stomach did the nightly thing of upchucking a benezorr of undigested solid mass was small so i manged to digest most of what I ate (YAY for extra pancreas enzymes)
    Did weights for a hour.
    Paced reading a book
    Took a shower,
    Managed to sit though a full episode of anime without having the need to go running and do something.

    Paced/Stationary biked 28.5miles, and burned 5,998 calories . #list #52SmallThings

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    List 2/14

    Today has been a odd day, list of the day.
    Made 12" chocolate breakfast quiche for myself.
    Made 2 6" Keto Chocolate cakes one for to sell 20% off at $8 still no buyers.
     Made 16 dragon egg cookies for friends....realized none would come over and ate 12 of them.
     Roasted almonds
     Contacted Ann's Health Food about sponsoring truck.
     Cleaned kitchen.
     Bathed Ouros (Bearded Dragon Support Animal), fed him.
     Fixed dad lunch, and the other guy at the shop
     Made myself 16 pancakes....blended them up and ate half as porridge. (Solids are hard to digest after breakfast)
     Looked up cost and options to replace water heater. (Old one has water trickling out the rusted side)
     Contacted a entrepreneur/millionaire about investing in truck.
     Worked out 20min yoga, 40mins weights
     Made chocolate shake for dinner with hemp and triple protein scoop
     Spent hour sitting on the couch with a stationery bike, talking to Ouros....sorta. Was us looking at eachother me saying some things, then we look away from eachother and stare at the wall for a good while musing over life then repeat. Funny how we turn to eachother at the same time.
     Praying something happens, at least need some sales. Lol, I have Xmas gifts for 3 people still sitting in boxes unable to pay shipping.
    #list #52SmallThings

    Community Voices

    List 2/13

    New thing, I am from now on going to post a list of things I accomplished to look back on every few days when I need it. Not a failure I got up and did something.
    So sitting here, too depressed to play games, concerned about not getting any valentines day orders, the bakery giveaway is flopping,.....LETS be productive, and the list of things I did.
    Made Hemp Paste 2lbs
     Made Hemp Cream Cheese 4lbs
     Mixed up 6 egg mixes for breakfast quiches....4 days worth
     Made Mulled tea
     Brewed coffee for me and next door
     Made shakes for 3 days of dinner
     Made lunch for tomorrow
     Made a 2lb 14oz chocolate dragon to give away.
     Made 1 1/2 dozen keto dragon egg cookies
     Made my dad lunch
     Prepared 2 cake dry mixes for tomorrow
     Contacted HEB about sponsoring my food truck
     Contacted Autism Speaks about financial help
     Got contacted about getting a truck
     Washed my bedding
     Washed 2 more loads of laundry
     Vacuumed the house doing lunges
     20 mins working out + 1 hour weights
     Did the dishes
     Washed the kitchen
     Dusted the house
     Fed the dragon twice with fresh salads
     Prepared and ate 4 meals.
     Took a shower
     and by 6pm I had walked 15 miles doing all this and pacing never leaving my front door. #list #52SmallThings