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Work & FND #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder

With your FND symptoms how do you manage to work? Did you have to completely stop, go part time or work from home? I'm still trying to take one day at a time in hospital. I'm so unsure on what the future holds & it scares me. #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #fndhope #fndwarrior #LivingwithFND



#CheckInWithMe it’s my best friend of 20 years’ 21st birthday today and I haven’t been able to attend any of her birthday celebrations as they aren’t wheelchair accessible or practical for my health. Why do I feel like such an awful friend even though it isn’t my fault? #LivingwithFND


There is hope

My partner and I have finally found a home that suits our families needs.
It has a front door that can be ramped, a huge downstairs bedroom, level access through to the living room, kitchen and bathroom, it even has a loft conversation for the small person to grow into and a single downstairs bedroom which will make a decent home office.
The landlord has even agreed to the installation of grab rails and the all important dishwasher.
Maybe next year we can actually live instead of spending all our time and energy trying to survive in a house with way too many stairs and being grumpy all the time.
It only took 20 viewings.
#LivingwithFND #Fibromyaliga #JointHypermobilitySyndrome


Hello can anyone tell me if they have been on amitryptilline and if they have helped or what they think of them please :(




This morning I woke up to my alarm. I snoozed.
That’s very much unlike me.
I finally got up and my legs felt weird, they didn’t carry me. I sat down and my body went on a strike. All my muscles worked against each other and the product was a limp body and me not even being able to hold my own head up.
I had to cancel all my plans and then proceeded to crawl on the floor, using the few muscles that worked, back to bed.
This hasn’t happened since last year when I was in the hospital. The last 14 months have been a fight to get my body back. Relearning to walk, to use my hands, to function as a human being, and it feels like I’m back at square one. Wheelchairs are taking over my crutches. Tears are taking over my smile.
It feels like everyone has given up on me, and worst of all- I’ve given up on myself.

Life keeps throwing me curveballs and kicking me while I’m down. It’s not fair.
WHAT DO YOU WANT ????!?!!!!

#LivingwithFND #FND #EhlersDanlosSyndrome