I live with systemic lupus. Unfortunately, I live with CPTSD as well. Obviously stress exacerbates both of these conditions... one feeds the other which feeds the other and it's a dirty vicious cycle. Well, to be immune compromised is a scary thing. To have a Special needs child that is more vulnerable Is very scary. To have the entire country shutdown with no idea how long this will last or how bad this will get... terrifying. So of course, the stress has triggered a hell of a #Lupusflare No amount of makeup can hide the low blood count, the ugly lupus #malarmask .I'm sick and tired and absolutely tired of being sick and tired. Totally grateful for the few hours I get to go to work and escape the house where I feel like the walls are closing in. #nightterrors Have been steadily getting worse and worse again. I so badly just want to be able to go to see my dr...Plead to just get atleast one in check!! Whether it be putting me back on my #Prednisone to get the lupus to calm down. Or give me the ability to sleep! To rest! The idea of 30 more days of this seems insurmountable, cant even let myself think about this going on for longer. Trying to keep it together, atleast on the outside for my baby girl.