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If you knew before taking a medication that it would cause cataracts, would you still choose to take it?

Have been on this medication, 6 months for my Sarcoidosis and now have cataracts in both eyes caused by the medication
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#side effects,# cataracts,#why me


I get my new med on Thursday and start with an injection right away. I am an 'old' nurse and am pretty comfortable with shots, but this one makes me nervous. Maybe it is the unknown of the med, combined with it being the 6th one 1 have tried and Dr. said there isn't any other to try... Either way, I am praying and keeping positive that It Will Work
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Does anyone with Pulmonary Sarcoidosis have a productive cough?Sarcoidosis #pulmonary Sarcoidosis,#chronic pain,#Cough #Asthma ,#Prednisone

I never had a productive cough with my pulmonary sarcoidosis, but it is active again (in many areas of my body) and this time I have a productive cough.


Will 60mg Prednisone Daily cause moon face and weight gain?

I have just started 20mg 3x daily when do side effects appear? Did you gain weight instantly? How much? I am having biopsy for #GiantCellArterisis and I already have body issues. I am petrified of all the side effects. I am also being given it for possible Polymyalgia Rheumatica. If anyone can give me some information I will greatly appreciate it ☀️
#Prednisone #MoonFace


How soon did Prednisone side effects appear

I just started talking 20mg #Prednisone 3x daily = 60mg. How soon will side effects appear? #weightgain How much weight did you gain & was it suddenly? I am having biopsy to diagnose #TemporalArteritis on Monday and there’s also possibility of #PMR Any information would be greatly appreciated ❤️


I am so afraid humiliated right now. Anyone who has de this

I have had serious health problems since I was 26 and I am 56!!! I am not going to list them ALL, just the 3 newest ones. Spinal Fusion last August (still in pain) Cement injection into T5, and the cherry on top =suspected #temporal Arteritis! I had #crp Labs and SED Rate 3 days ago and will get results tomorrow. I feel shitty enough about myself anyway so being on #Prednisone ( on 20mg 2x daily. I am petrified of getting #MoonFace I am not a vain person, but I cannot handle people asking me why I am so fat! I already have Depression and Anxiety so being humiliated about ANOTHER

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Moon Face #MoonFace #Lupus #Steroids #Prednisone #LupusCystits #Cheeks #lupusawareness #LupusWarriors #Pain #InvisibleIllness

Was recently dx with lupus cystitis they say it’s rare I live in Saint Louis near one of the world’s highly ranked hospital #BarnesJewishHospital and I’m the first case they’ve ever seen in person its when lupus attacks the bladder, I just recently finished a three day course of 3,000mg prednisone and my first dose of cytoxin chemotherapy it’s gotten off to a super rough start haven’t felt well enough to do much more #Fibromyalgia I’m tired but there’s still too much to fight for


Weight from medication #Medication #Prednisone #weightgain

I have gained 45 pounds in less than 2 months from Prednisone. When I was hospitalized for a week they even gave me 100mg shots of it. I estimate that over the course of a month and a half of taking it I took a total of 2,650mg !
. I’ve been off of it for 3 weeks and I’m still gaining weight rapidly for no reason, yet my body size hasn’t changed at all. I’m wearing clothes from before the hospital!
. I do Pilates, and go for walks, I’ve been eating approximately 1800 calories a day. I gained 10 pounds this week.
What fresh hell is going on??
What can I do about it??
#Prednisone #Steroidssuck #help