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I saw a post today…. What was a “marriage” win this week? Did something g go really well for you and your partner this week? How did it make you feel?

For me 2 weeks after a huge blowout… we r at least talking… small talk, nothing g real important, but talking at least! It makes me “scared” “happy” “cautious” “worried” but mostly “glad”! How about any of you? Hoping yours is more along the lines of “planning a trip together” “went out for a nice dinner” “cuddle on the couch” ….. tell me some good happy stories!! #marriageishard #Communication #ChronicIllness #Marriage


WTH? #exhauted #Disgusted #lonely #sickofbeingsickandtired #marriageishard

Oh my fellow Mighties!! I truly hope you’re all doing better tonite! (than I am ) I read a post the other day that ask “what is the one most positive uplifting aspect of your life? I thought that was a great question, the sad part I couldn’t come up with a definite answer right off the bat!? Back in the day I used to always answer “my kids” ! Well they’re 30 and 23 and have their own lives now so I realize I have to find something else to put my effort towards (ppl tell me “youve done your job well because they are on their own and productive members of society) I wish (i really do) that I could say my husband, but I’d be lying….. this thing called marriage gets harder and harder and I thought it was suppose to get easier when the kids are out of the house and you’ve been together so long (almost 25 yrs for us) SO???Give me some ideas of what uplifts you all when you’re down? Maybe I can “borrow” one of your ideas? #lonely #ChronicDepression #Marriageproblems

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Whenever my husband gives constructive criticism/feedback or challenges something I say or do, I automatically get defensive. I don’t necessarily feel attacked but I react that way like he has to be right or what I’m saying is inaccurate. I don’t know how to control this. Even when he’s just trying to be helpful I still snap at him. He always thinks I’m angry. Struggling!

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I’m a highly sensitive person and my husband is emotionally unavailable, any advice on how to get close?

I crave true connection, romance and deep conversation, he handles stress by churning through his obligatory to do list that’s never ending. I want us to stop and smell the roses together and remember what it was like to discover each other the way we did when we were dating. #HSP #Depression #marriageishard

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