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WTH? #exhauted #Disgusted #lonely #sickofbeingsickandtired #marriageishard

Oh my fellow Mighties!! I truly hope you’re all doing better tonite! (than I am ) I read a post the other day that ask “what is the one most positive uplifting aspect of your life? I thought that was a great question, the sad part I couldn’t come up with a definite answer right off the bat!? Back in the day I used to always answer “my kids” ! Well they’re 30 and 23 and have their own lives now so I realize I have to find something else to put my effort towards (ppl tell me “youve done your job well because they are on their own and productive members of society) I wish (i really do) that I could say my husband, but I’d be lying….. this thing called marriage gets harder and harder and I thought it was suppose to get easier when the kids are out of the house and you’ve been together so long (almost 25 yrs for us) SO???Give me some ideas of what uplifts you all when you’re down? Maybe I can “borrow” one of your ideas? #lonely #ChronicDepression #Marriageproblems

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I'm not ready to let go.

I recently found out about my wife's infidelity. I've been more apologetic than her. Knowing I haven't been the easiest person to get along with. The love is out of her eyes. Divorce is the topic of conversation lately. I even proposed an open marriage. To give her the space to find what she's looking for if it's not me. Or to get it out her system. I feel so stupid but I'm just not ready to lose her. #Marriage #infidelity #Marriageproblems #MarriageWithDepression


Can you recover from an unhappy spouse? #Marriage #marriagehelp #Marriageproblems

My wife says she's unhappy with our marriage and needs time to decide if she wants a divorce or not. I'm not sure I want to stay married now.  Plenty more details below.


#Marriageproblems #

How do you overcome incredibly hurtful things in a marriage? My husband has a very firm and surprising opinion that I’m a “lazy dog fucker” when he’s away at work. This all kicked off when I hadn’t gotten around to emptying the litter box our farm cats use as I was busy with more pressing matters. I can hardly stand to look at him and he’s trying to be loving. I told him I’m not ready to be lovey and he stormed out mad. Every time we talk I end up feeling like a worse person because of how he reacts. I’m on day 3 and my head is still reeling from hearing his candid opinion and then calling him out on it only to discover it’s a solid opinion, not just an overreaction to a simply task being undone. I feel like this could end our marriage...I’m so lost.


My life is a mess... #FearOfAbandonment #BipolarDisorder #Marriageproblems #Marriedbutsleepingseparately #ToxicMarriage #SuicidalThoughts #Paranoia

He’s over it, I’m almost there. But I’m not. I can’t stand the thought of being without my husband... I realize my abandonment and attachment issues are at play here but I cannot overcome them.
We love each other, at least I know I love him ridiculously so. Some days I’m sure he loves me too...
He’s all logic and I’m all emotion.


What the hell god

I’ve been losing my mind. But tonight was it. I’ve been struggling for so long. So overwhelmed. Then I have a miscarriage in May. Quickly go deeper into depression. Then tonight I find out my husband slept with someone else days before proposing to me and has kept in intimate contact with her ever since. Why god? Why like this? What am I suppose to do. My head, eyes and face hurt from crying so much. Crying every day. Breaking down everyday. And then to find out the one person whom you love most is a liar. The depression wasn’t enough, the anxiety wasn’t enough, the grief from
Miscarriage wasn’t enough. Now this. Now my marriage. What lesson am I suppose to learn? #Miscarriage #Depression #Anxiety #Marriageproblems #Marriage


What to do if my husband leaves me because it’s my fault? #husbandleft #husband #failedmarriage #Marriageproblems

What do if my husband leaves me for 2 months and counting? I know when he leaves me, it’s my fault because of past issue that hasn’t been resolved yet, plus my constant lying and money issues.
No third party involved. Now, He just always viewed my Facebook stories but never replying to any of my messages. So I already stop messaging him.l because I’m always seenzoned. Went to his office back in November-December 2018 but He said he doesn’t want to talk. He’s angry and I think he’s fallen out of love already. I think I did my part and asked for his forgiveness. His staying to his family.