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I hate math D: :( gives me headaches / anxiety

Trying to finish my high school diploma at 23 because I couldn’t in my teens I was only a few courses away from graduating, but had high family conflict and my mental health was very bad I have a few courses left to graduate math 11 being one of them, wish me luck!
Doing online school but such bad communication between the teacher/ person that enrolled me and now apparently they expect you to do a whole chapter in 2 weeks

Or they kick you out. It’s already hard enough to learn math and more so if u struggle with anxiety. But wish me luck hope we can come to an agreement, and if not I’ll do my very best to finish up so I can finally graduate.

#math #School #Anxiety #Headache #sucks #Vent #confusing

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#Christianity people have many approaches. Tied into blame and resentment for whatever god you believe in. In this life god offers us his love, protection, and their is so much trust as a romance here. God gave me a special gift and that was to increase my faith. Their is a lot of #math here. And I hope to have those words in my ❤️

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#thatmakesence #condumcurse #thoughtprocess #readminds #math

As I begin to realize my own #thoughtprocess even more I have to assume that the #math is inevitable and one day it would consume my mind. I do this knowing how well I am and issue that a trust be made. There is a lot of ways to #readminds and to be honest I just tell them hey' #thatmakesence but really what I mean by it is that you have a strong will and reading minds in that regard is meaningful not to mention is consensual so you loose a lot of points if it isn't that kind of behavior in fact deserves a #condumcurse