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I hate math D: :( gives me headaches / anxiety

Trying to finish my high school diploma at 23 because I couldn’t in my teens I was only a few courses away from graduating, but had high family conflict and my mental health was very bad I have a few courses left to graduate math 11 being one of them, wish me luck!
Doing online school but such bad communication between the teacher/ person that enrolled me and now apparently they expect you to do a whole chapter in 2 weeks

Or they kick you out. It’s already hard enough to learn math and more so if u struggle with anxiety. But wish me luck hope we can come to an agreement, and if not I’ll do my very best to finish up so I can finally graduate.

#math #School #Anxiety #Headache #sucks #Vent #confusing

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I don't get what I do min. Me and my mother in law are chatting and laughing then BAM next thing I know she's pissed off and rude ...not sure if at me or something else...I'm so confused ugh!! #Whiplash #confusing #FamilyMember #frustration


1 Good Day, 40 Bad Days

Why is it that I can have 1 day where everything feels like all is right with the world and 40 that make me cry? This emotional #rollercoaster is getting old. The #negativity living in my head is so #confusing to myself, how can I expect anyone around me to get it? I really miss me. I miss laughing, I miss smiling, I miss work, I miss being the mom my kids could rely on...yet I can't be there for more than 1 day in 40 right now and then those 40 days, I wonder if I deserved the 1 good day? What did I do differently that day? #massivedepressivedisorder #Anxiety #PTSD #DVT #BilateralPE #DMT2 #Hypothyroid


It's weird when you're sad but you don't really have a reason or explenation as to why, and then end up feeling guilty for having those feelings in in the first place ... #confusing


diagnosis /over or under diagnosis how to know it is correct

I have struggle for most of my life with mental illness. But finding the correct diagnosis has always been difficult. Everytime I get a good therapist who gets it, I unravel then end up losing the therapist because it gets to difficult. This time I have a 12 step program that helps me more than any therapist ever has because I am surrounded by peers. My problem comes down to this, I know I need more help than the program is giving me. Yet I don't really now where else to turn, I AM looking for a outpatient program but am petrified about the process and the use of drugs prescribed drugs is not what I can do, I need a proper diagnosis. So I can help fix myself finally after 43 yrs.. I have been in and out of 3 psychological hospitals already all of them have had very negative outcomes, being there against my will sucked so very scared of PTSD triggers and my migraine disease causes me issues as well. Ugghh taking it one day at a time but any suggestions are welcome, or how a IOP program has helped you. Bei g stuck on the middle ground sucks
#confusing diagnosis #BPD #Bipolar #Mania #Anxiety #PanicAttack #SuicidalIdeation #ChronicMigraines


What to do with yourself...

Today, was a good day. Well, at least it started that way. Nothing that I know triggered it, just feeling a little overwhelmed with everything. It was my first Christmas with BPD so, I wasn't too sure how I was going to feel. I find that any human interaction can play a part in my mood, I don't even need to have any form of relationship. Just add a pinch of #Paranoia and hey, we've got ourselves a recipe for self-hatred disaster. Sometimes, it's hard to know what to do with yourself. Go out, expose yourself to the world and exacerbate the condition or live a life in the chicken coop, which makes you feel a little #empty . #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder
Having a difficult time finding a therapist for BPD too, which proves hard. This condition is so #confusing and #Stigma tised  I have no idea what to think anymore.